• 3 Reasons Why an Electric Walkie Pallet Jack is the Answer to Your Needs

    Material Handling professionals understand that every operation is unique with its own particular challenges that require smart and budget-friendly solutions. Electric walkie pallet jacks, like the W45ZHD or MPB045-VG, can offer safety benefits to your operation while improving your bottom line. Below are three reasons you should consider an electric pallet jack as a solution:

    1. Electric Pallet Jacks Lower Risks

        The main advantage to buying an electric walkie pallet jack vs. a manual pallet jack is the enhancement to the workplace ergonomics. Depending on load weight, manual pallet jacks can put significant strain on the operator’s back, legs, arms, and other parts of the body. Costs associated with injuries can hurt your business’ growth by increasing the chances of insurance claims and lost production time. Safety is always an important factor to consider when buying any piece of equipment and reducing strain on your operators should be an important facet of your safety plan.

        Along with reducing strain and injury risks in your warehouse, electric pallet jacks can increase the quality of life for the operator. Walkies reduce fatigue compared to manual jacks which allows for operators to move quickly with ease throughout a shift. Over time, being able to move product with confidence, safely and faster, can result in big savings for your company.

        2. Electric Walkies Solve Space Problems

          The functions on Hyster or Yale electric pallet jacks allow operators to navigate small areas smoothly by minimizing the space needed to make tight turns in trailers or other compact areas. Other pieces of equipment do not have the capabilities to make such sharp turns and are limited on how they can maneuver around reduced space.

          An electric pallet jack can be a confidence booster for operators who work in compact spaces. With a quality-made walkie and operator safety training program, operators can maneuver with ease through a work environment of any size knowing they are working with a safety-focused piece of equipment designed to take strain off of the worker. The less energy your employees have to use, the more efficient products can be moved throughout our operation.

          3. They Save You Big Money

            In comparison to other types of lift trucks, walkies can be purchased at a lower price point which allows most operations to experience a larger return on investment depending on the application. Electric walkie pallet jacks are a budget-friendly way to add extra value to your fleet. Compared to other material handling truck classes, they require fewer moving parts resulting in less maintenance and fewer service calls which can be instrumental in reaching production goals and improving your business’ bottom-line.

            Avoid emergency service calls by adding the right piece of equipment to your fleet like a cost-effective electric walkie pallet jack and by having a periodic maintenance schedule to keep all your machines working optimally.

            Every piece of equipment MH Equipment offers can benefit an operation, but our goal is to provide our customers with the right solutions for their particular space. Every business is unique and requires tailored answers. For the right solution for your needs, call your local MH branch today.

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