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  • Quad Cities Hi-Lite

    The Quad Cities branch is one of the three original locations of MH Equipment.  Now located in Davenport, Iowa, their beginnings started in downtown Moline, Illinois, however in 1976, a fire destroyed the Moline location and the branch relocated to East Moline where it remained until June of 2008 when they moved to their current location.

    Nearly fifty employees make up the team at the Quad Cities branch including; Material Handling Specialist, Chuck Freeland, Aftermarket Representatives, Bill Baker and Mark Meyer, and Rental Manager, Jacob Greenwalt.  The Davenport branch includes a very large territory that spans over 320 miles from the southern most to northern most corners of the territory so these guys have a lot of land to cover when out on their daily sales calls.  To put it in perspective it would take six hours to drive from corner to corner of the territory!

    Part of our mission at MH Equipment is to support the communities in which we live.  As part of that culture the Quad Cities branch are annual supporters of the Quad Cities Festival of Trees.  The Festival of Trees is the annual fundraiser for Quad City Arts, a local not-for-profit arts agency. It takes more than 3,500 volunteers,  over 650 designers, nearly 3,500 CenterStage entertainers, and over 150 Sponsors help to make Festival of  Trees possible. Festival has a $2.5 million dollar economic impact on the community and is recognized as one of the top events in North America, raising over $4 million dollars in support of local arts over a 20 year period. Over 100,000 people experience Festival annually, making it one of the largest attractions in the Quad Cities. This fundraiser makes it possible for Quad City Arts to provide quality arts programming year round for residents of six counties in Eastern Iowa and Western IL.

    For the last seven years, Davenport has sponsored Upward Basketball for Underprivileged Kids. Upward Sports provides a fun kids sports experience based on healthy competition.  Upward Sports is one the world’s largest Christian sports league for children with leagues in nearly every major city.

    The Quad Cities is home to John Deere Corporate Headquarters, the John Deere Classic at the TPC Deere Run, and the John Deere Commons which houses historical information on the company as well as a vintage 1900’s Deere dealership. Visitors to the Quad Cities also frequent the Rock Island Arsenal. During the civil war, the island was used as a prison camp, but today is utilized for production of military equipment such as the Howitzer & Abrams Tank.

    Even though Davenport has a large group they are a very close-knit, supportive bunch!  Not only is the Quad Cities a great branch to work at but the area is full of fun and historic activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family!


  • Hazard Points

    Working with machinery can pose many hazards due to the numerous constantly moving parts. Two of the hazards faced when working with machinery are pinch point injuries and crush point injuries.

    Pinch points are where two or more parts move together and one of them is moving in a circle, such as a pulley and belt system.  Conveyors are one of the most common type of machinery that would pose this type of hazard.

    Some simple rules to follow to avoid pinch point injuries are:

    Crush points
    are where two components move toward each other, like on a three-point hitch or hydraulic cylinder.

    Some simple rules to follow to avoid crush point injuries are:

    General safeguards that can prevent you from being a victim of a pinch or crush point accident include:

    You CAN avoid pinch point and crush point injuries by continually asking yourself;  “Am I being ‘Safe in the Moment’ right now?”

  • Featured Used Equipment


    This piece of equipment is located in our Peoria, Illinois location. For more information, submit a contact form or call our branch at 309-699-4024.

  • MH Equipment Hosted Open House!

    St. Louis, MO. (October 7, 2011) MH Equipment, hosted its first St. Louis Open House this past Wednesday, October 5th. This event served as an introduction of MH Equipment to their newly acquired Hyster and Yale territory as well as an educational opportunity for customers and prospects to learn more on how MH Equipment can service their material handling needs.

    The Open House was a success with customers and prospects viewing featured product demonstrations by Hyster and Yale lift trucks, Mariotti compact forklifts, PowerBoss sweepers and scrubbers, Rail King railcar movers, GNB and Enersys material handling batteries, and MH Equipment Aftermarket, Used Equipment, and Rental departments.

    Attendees also participated in fleet management seminars presented by Woody Hartwell, Director of Fleet Operations in our St. Louis area, and had a chance to meet and hear about the MH Equipment culture from John Wieland, MH Equipment CEO.

    “We are excited to have had the opportunity to connect with so many customers and prospects in one setting and to demonstrate how MH Equipment can really come along side them to be a true consultative partner.” says John Wieland. “Our MH Equipment culture is one where ‘People Matter’ and no where is that more evident than in the ways that we treat our customers. I think we did a good job of showing that during our Open House.”

  • Being Safe in the Moment for Others?

    Two things that you will read quite frequently when you read about MH Equipment are: “Be Safe in the Moment” and “People Matter

    Being Safe in the Moment means that we each must pay attention to what we’re doing each moment of each day and do it in a safe manner. That’s not the end of it, though - A primary value at MH is that “People Matter” – ALL people. With that in mind, Being Safe in the Moment includes all those people around us each day whether they are co-workers, customers, suppliers, other motorists, or anyone else that we may come in contact with.

    Some ways that Being Safe in the Moment and People Matter work together include:

  • Used Equipment Highlight!

    Used 2007 Hyster H30FT -D4

    Type: IC Pneumatic

    Power: Diesel

    Capacity: 3000 lbs

    Lift Height: 187?

    Lowered Height: 84?

    This piece of equipment is located in our Ottawa, IL branch. Visit our Used Equipment website for more information.

  • Inspect Your Cylinders!

    OSHA requires that an employer shall determine that compressed gas cylinders under his control are in a safe condition to the extent that this can be determined by visual inspection.

    Here are some safety items to watch for: 

    Evidence includes:


  • MH Equipment Omaha Branch Helps Flood Victims

    On June 1, the Missouri River flood reached the Sioux City area. Some businesses and home owners had to evacuate while others built levees to protect their properties. Two of our resident technicians, Jeremy Smith and Pat Anderson, decided to get involved to help out their community.

    Jeremy was at the Tyson-Dakota City facility where they were scrambling to build a levee around their waste water treatment. He asked how he could help and offered to bring lift trucks in to move sand bags. Jeremy called the Omaha branch and arranged for Hyster rentals to be shipped in. He dedicated many hours of his personal time and charity time that week moving sand bags to help his community.

    Pat Anderson was at the Tyson headquarters located in Dakota Dunes where they were also trying to build a levee around their facility. Pat coordinated getting a rental truck and helped them with their needs. He devoted many personal hours along with his charity time to help save this community.

    On Saturday, June 4th, Jeremy and Pat along with our Material Handling Specialist, Barry Cahoon, devoted their day helping Tyson build a levee around their facility. The response from Tyson has been overwhelming with gratitude for our contribution and the efforts to save their facility and community.

    In addition to Jeremy, Pat, and Barry, Service tech John Ebert has also shown his support for the community by devoting his personal time sand bagging.

    The Missouri River continues to rise in the Council Bluffs and Omaha areas. With levees breaking around us, MH employees and families have to be prepared to evacuate their homes at any given time. The river in our area has reached an all time record of 36 feet.

    The Omaha branch has done an outstanding job showing the community that People Matter.

  • Guest Blog by Material Handling Network

    It goes beyond getting the latest and greatest equipment or doing this year what your competition did last year. “Best practices” in the material handling industry encompasses the correlation between your operations and costs and how best to communicate it. It’s imperative to ask and to know: are you getting the best returns on your investments?

    While making your evaluation, keep this in mind: best practices are always business-specific, even for businesses in the same industry. It begins with understanding your product and your target. Every operation – from warehouse materials to transportation systems – is incredibly unique and calls for great attention to detail.

    It’s important to define mission-critical functions and project processes. For example: Who is your primary communication with? What are your client’s needs and do you possess the means to satisfy them? Are you the best solution to their problem?

    A project begins at implementation, and it’s crucial to have a teamwork-mentality from the start. If an operations manager implements projects and the project manager discovers after some investigation it’s either inoperable or doesn’t fit objectives, it will hit a communications roadblock. To avoid such issues, create a robust communications plan that spells out what information gets disseminated where.

    How can it be accomplished?

    With technology, it places the focus on the minimization of touch labor and the reconfiguration of value-add operations and handling distribution services. And as modern day material handling solutions become more complex, the higher degree of technology ensures that solutions are logically integrated into the operations process.

    Today, material handling services focus on being affordable, supportable and reliable, aiming to deliver uncompromised services and communications—from start to finish—and set the industry standard.

    Thank you for the great insights Material Handling Network. Check out the MHN blog at

  • New Hyster Commercial!


    Check out our new Hyster commercial to see why the Hyster product is considered the toughest in the industry.

    To tough applications, Hyster and MH Equipment say “Bring it!”

  • MH Equipment Supports Samaritan’s Purse

    Earlier this week, we had a blog post highlighting Samaritan’s Purse. As you read, Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world. Since 1970, Samaritan’s Purse has helped meet needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine with the purpose of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

    At MH Equipment, one of our His First Foundation objectives is to provide assistant to those, through no fault of their own, are faced with hardship. That is why MH Equipment has come alongside our employees and aligned with Samaritan’s Purse to provide financial assistance to those facing famine in Africa.

    If you read the news, you will know that it has been hard to ignore the widespread devastation that is happening in Africa. What is happening in many African countries is nothing short of a tragedy. As a result of the worst drought in 60 years—worsened by civil conflict and rising food and fuel prices—tens of thousands have died, and millions more are malnourished and at risk of death. The crisis in Africa is an undeniable hardship currently being faced by millions of innocent men, women, and children. These people need help from those who are able and willing to provide assistance – MH Equipment felt that calling. Therefore, as mentioned, we have come along side our employees for charitable giving to Samaritan’s Purse by establishing automatic payroll deduction for those employees willing to make monthly donations. We have also aligned with Samaritan’s Purse as a corporate charity and recently provided $75,000 to assist with their emergency relief program in Africa.

    As a supporter of Samaritan’s Purse and the work they are doing in Africa and numerous other counties, we ask that you take a moment to review their website and see for yourself the great accomplishments of this organization. Visit their site at

    If you have questions regarding MH Equipment’s alignment with Samaritan’s purse, please contact Dannelle Dahlhauser at

  • “Tell me what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T do!”

    This quote can apply to safety, customer service, work, training, etc. Having a “can do” attitude sets a positive tone. Here are a few examples:

    Safe in the Moment:

    Customer Service:



    Make sure that you practice having a CAN DO attitude!

  • Used Railcar Mover!

    For Sale: 2000 Trackmobile 4350TM


    This piece of used equipment is currently located at our Dayton Branch. For more information on the feature, please call 937-890-6800 or submit a contact form, here. If you’re looking for other used material handling equipment, visit our website and search according to your needs.

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