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  • Repost From "MH Equipment hosts ‘Tons of Trucks' event as part of National Forklift Safety Day"

    VANDERBURGH COUNTY, Ind. (WEHT) – A Vanderburgh County event is showing kids what it's like behind the wheel of a forklift and other vehicles. MH Equipment hosted ‘Tons of Trucks' as part of their National Forklift Safety Day celebrations. They allowed children to sit in and see forklifts and other big trucks up close. This is the first time the company's Evansville office held the ‘Tons of Trucks' event. Kids, and even some adults, learned about operating them safely and what these machines carry. "I think they get to learn about possibly the industrial world. You have a 55,000-pound truck behind us that one of the sheriffs was asking, 'Well, what does that thing lift?'" MH Equipment also cut the ribbon on their branch office, which opened last year.

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  • TONS OF TRUCKS in Evansville at MH Equipment

    Yesterday was National Forklift Safety Day! To celebrate, our branch in Evansville hosted the event, TONS OF TRUCKS, for the community to see our fleet and other vehicles from other organizations in the area. 

    View photos from the event on our Facebook page here

  • National Forklift Safety Day Is June 11th

    In honor of a day devoted to safety, MH has compiled a list of safety topics which can be used as a reminder in your workplace. We’d also like to announce and publically congratulate our local branches who have put these ideas to good use and achieved a ZERO injury year.

    Staying Safe: What NOT to do

    #1 Rushing: Sometimes there is more concern for doing something quickly instead of safely.

    DO: Slow down and take time to do things right, and do them safely.

    #2 Taking Chances: Daring behavior or blatant disregard for safe habits can put you and your coworkers at risk. Things like overexertion, being a daredevil or refusing to ask for help when doing something too hard or unfamiliar is never appropriate if you want to stay safe.

    DO: Watch out for your coworkers. Sometimes it’s easier to see these habits in others than in ourselves.

    #3 Being Preoccupied: Daydreaming, fatigue, or thinking about other things and not paying attention to your current activity could result in an accident.

    DO: Focus on the activity you are doing at the time.

    #4 Having a Negative Mood: Being angry or in a bad mood can lead to severe accidents because anger nearly always overrules caution.

    DO: Keep your bad moods in check. Stay cool and in charge of your emotions.

    #5 Failing to Look for Hidden Hazards: Conditions are constantly changing, and forgetting this fact is a common mistake which can lead to unsafe practices. Sometimes when we’re too familiar with our environment we let our guards down.

    DO: Always be alert for new, unexpected hazards in your environment.


    All across MH we have many individuals who consider safety every day. They give superior customer service, lead with integrity, teach others, and exceed many expectations. Going a full year with ZERO injuries is a great thing many businesses never achieve. Through disciplined efforts and following the sound safety practices, the following branches have achieved ZERO injuries for a year and longer and deserve congratulations:










    Bowling Green



    St. Louis



    Cedar Rapids

    If you would like to learn more about how you can be on your way to achieving a zero-injury year, give MH a call. Our Safety and Training division conducts classes, seminars and certification opportunities year round. They will show you the way and give you the tools to having your safest year ever.

    Call now at 888-564-2191 or Book a Training now!

  • Change Up Your Career With MH Equipment - Become A Technician Today!

    Find out why you should be a Tech at MH by visiting our Technicians Career Page for benefits and more!

  • Should I Rent a Forklift?

    Every fleet manager has at one point in time wondered if they should rent or buy a forklift or other piece of material handling equipment. We all have the same objective: we want the dollars we invest to work for us and our business.

    At MH Rents people often ask us if it’s possible to rent a forklift. The answer is yes, and you can find what you’re looking for right here with MH Rents.

    There are two primary schools of thought when it comes to the equipment used in business. The first is the “if I’m ever going to need it, I should buy it” mentality.

    The second is, “if it’s not a primary component of my business, I’m better off investing the capital funds somewhere else.”

    Let us first begin by saying, both of these mentalities can be correct. It all comes down to the needs in your industry and the financial philosophy of your business.

    MH Rents serves customers from almost every industry you can imagine, but it often helps us make a choice when we know what people like ourselves have decided. To give you an idea, we see a lot of forklift and equipment rentals from these industries:

    • Ag or Seed forklift rentals
    • Manufacturing forklift rentals
    • Distribution forklift rentals

    Whether or not you find yourself in one of those industries, the remainder of this post will help you decide if renting equipment is better than buying for your individual business needs.

    Do these challenges sound familiar?

    When my warehouse equipment breaks down, our productivity suffers.

    Downtime in our warehouses is an all-too-common enemy. But it doesn’t have to be. Renting can fill in the gaps when equipment fails you. Rapid availability is extremely important in these instances which is why in most cases, MH Rents can deliver your equipment in 24 hours or (usually much) less.

    If you’ve ever been forced to slow down or halt your operations because of a broken piece of equipment, it’s time to face downtime head on and explore rental options.

    My needs change with the seasons so it’s hard to justify buying a piece of equipment.

    No one wants to see their hard-fought-for capital expenditure dollars collect dust for 9 months out of the year. If your industry is cyclical in nature, or you have a busy season with high volume, renting is an option to be seriously considered.

    For example, let’s say you hire an extra employee or two in the summer months. It doesn’t make sense to buy another piece of equipment or two just for those months. This is where renting saves the day. Your productivity soars but your expenses stay low. It’s a win-win.

    The Benefits of Renting and Buying

    Benefits of Renting:

    • Never worry about downtime, because rental equipment is maintained and repaired by MH. If maintenance is coming due, we replace the rental unit, you keep working, and we do the work. No downtime.
    • Don’t lose sleep about old equipment dying. When you rent from MH, you always have a reliable piece of equipment, rarely more than 7 years old.
    • Forget battling for dollars with your corporate entity to justify a large equipment purchase. Renting allows you to write off your unit as an operating expense rather than a capital equipment purchase.
    • You won’t regret a big purchase decision, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look to the future. MH Rents also lets you explore rent-to-own or long term leasing options.
    • If your industry is cyclical or seasonal in nature, expensive equipment can end up sitting unused in the offseason. Remove the necessity to calculate the return on the investment and see your dollars pay off during a short-term rental period.
    • Get access to top-of-the-line equipment at an affordable price. If you’re set on working with a specific brand whether it be Hyster, Yale, Mariotti, JLG, Powerboss, Railking, or any of our other manufacturers MH Rents has you covered at a great price.

    While renting is a perfect solution for many of our partners, there are also many instances when buying is definitely the way to go. If you’re weighing the options, don’t jump into renting without first considering the benefits to owning your own piece of equipment.

    Benefits to Owning:

    • Planning is a breeze. You’ll always have that forklift or piece of equipment on hand even when you think you might not have needed it. If a situation pops up, you don’t need to coordinate a rental.
    • While renting allows you to remove the stress of maintenance and repairs, if your in-house mechanics are ready to do maintenance, it doesn’t make sense to pay a rental company for this benefit.
    • Future strategy. An obvious benefit to owning is the asset belongs to you. Should your company no longer need the equipment you can sell the asset or otherwise gain from the ownership of it.
    • If the equipment you need is very specific and you need it often, you may have better luck purchasing it. Often, these specific pieces of equipment can be difficult to find available for rent (although MH prides ourselves on having a wide variety). Due to the low supply of these particular items, the cost of renting could eventually outweigh the cost of ownership.
    • Maintenance doesn’t have to be scary. If you use your equipment less than the average business owner but still on a consistent basis, consider purchasing. You’ll likely save on repairs if you’re not running high hours on the unit.

    The MH Difference:

    Obviously, we believe MH is the best option for your rental equipment needs (full disclosure, we may be biased) but you’re probably wondering: Why? What makes MH Rents a better option?

    The three biggest differentiators for MH Rents is the size of our fleet, the variety of our fleet, and the age of our fleet.


    MH Rents has a high volume of inventory ready to meet your needs. Almost always, we can have your piece of rental equipment delivered within 24 hours or much less so you have as little downtime as possible.


    Our fleet includes small forklifts needed for incredibly tight spaces, all the way up to equipment with a 36,000 lb. load capacity. The variety extends far beyond forklifts to include rental availability for boom lifts, scissor lifts, railcar movers, sweepers, scrubbers, excavators, backhoe loaders, tow tractors and more. So chances are, no matter what your material handling equipment rental needs, you only need to call number (309) 699-4024


    Perhaps the biggest differentiator we have is the young age of our fleet. We rarely rent a piece of equipment more than seven years old to our customers. Be careful looking at other rental options as often companies buy old used equipment to turn around for rent. MH prides ourselves on offering a high-quality experience, and our rental units are no exception. It doesn’t do you any good to rent an old unit that could have issues of its own. Often, at MH have the whole history of each rental unit, so you know it’s a high-quality option for you and your business.

    Still have Questions?

    If some of these topics sound like issues you’re faced with or you’re wondering: What does it cost to rent a forklift? Contact an MH rental manager today by calling (309) 699-4024. We can rent by the hour, day, week, month or beyond. Let us know how we can work for you.

  • MH Equipment to Host Community Event in Honor of National Forklift Safety Day.


    MH Equipment (MH), based in Peoria, Ill., plans to celebrate National Forklift Safety Day by hosting a free public event at the local branch in Evansville, IN located at 738 Rusher Lane. The event, Tons of Trucks, will take place on Tuesday, June 11 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

    The Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce will kick off the event with a ribbon cutting at 11:00 a.m., and then local customers, vendors and the general public are invited to get up close and personal with some very big vehicles. First responders will bring their vehicles and the MH fleet of equipment will be available for guests to sit in and explore. This is a great opportunity for kids of all ages to learn about the importance of being safe around vehicles.

    A siren-free quiet hour will take place from 1 - 2 p.m. when the event concludes. This quiet time will allow those with auditory sensitives to enjoy seeing the big trucks without the noise. All attendees are also invited to enter a business card raffle for a chance to win a free iPad.

    According to OSHA Safety Management over 96,000 workers are injured per year in the United States when working with forklifts. Sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association (ITA), the sixth annual National Forklift Safety Days aims to increase awareness and injury prevention in the material handling industry.

    The opportunity to address safety is always serious, but it can also be fun. MH hopes the community will join in safe vehicle practices will enjoying this family friendly event.

    “Safety is an important topic every day, but on National Forklift Safety Day we take extra time to remember how these practices protect our employees and customers. We hope the Evansville community will join us for this fun and informative event,” stated MH CEO John Wieland.

    More about the event, Tons of Trucks, and to RSVP can be found on Facebook at

    More about MH Equipment and the safety and training courses offered on site can be found online at

  • MH Ottumwa Location Opens A New Building

    Congrats to our team in Ottumwa! Their continued growth and dedication to customer service have been great for MH and our customers. Thank you for being a great example of the MH way!

    Thank you to the local Ottumwa Area Chamber of Commerce and Ottumwa Radio News for the support!

  • MH Equipment Announces Acquisition of Louisville Switching Services, Inc.

    The new acquisition will allow MH Equipment and Louisville Switching Services, Inc. to expand its customer base, product offering and service capabilities in the Kentuckiana material handling market.

    Peoria, Ill. (May 2, 2019) - MH Equipment (MH), based in Peoria, Ill., announced yesterday it will be acquiring Louisville Switching Services, Inc. (Louisville Switching) effective immediately.

    As a licensed, authorized motor vehicle dealer, Louisville Switching is focused on selling and servicing only the highest quality trucks. The family-owned business has an extensive relationship with Kalmar Ottawa Trucks which resulted in receiving a Premier Kalmar Ottawa Dealer designation in 2018. The award is another testimony of the company’s dedication to superior service and values.

    The transition will allow MH Equipment to expand its customer and employee base in the Louisville community as the company continues to be a leader in the material handling industry. With 28 servicing locations across the U.S. and over 900 employees, MH is committed to adding quality organizations to its family of companies for growth, and has eagerly anticipated this acquisition.

    “It's clear Louisville Switching Services, Inc. means what they say about focusing on the customer. Their experience, passion, integrity and vision will certainly fit well into the MH values. We are thrilled to welcome our new customers and employees and look forward to what the future holds,” stated MH CEO John Wieland.
  • PRESS RELEASE FROM HYSTER-YALE: Hyster Announces End Rider Series with Industry-Exclusive Features

    The materials handling industry is ever-changing with new technologies being introduced in increasingly shorter intervals. The new Hyster® End Rider series embodies the future of warehousing and materials handling, integrating innovative technologies, forward-thinking design and revolutionary features so customers can be better prepared for the changes of the future.

    Some of these features include:

    • Extended operator platform – an optional extended platform provides 30% more usable space than the leading competitors (the most usable foot space in the industry), allowing operators to adjust stance to provide postural relief. The Ultra Cushion reduces shock and vibration by 30% to improve operator comfort and provide steady footing while accommodating up to a size 13 shoe.
    • LED lights – industry-exclusive LED platform lights provide operator awareness in low light or congested areas and the LED fork lights offer in-trailer illumination, help raise pedestrian awareness, can reduce product damage and help increase the bottom line.
    • Precision Pick – industry-exclusive and patented; allows the operator to precisely place the truck where you want it, controlling the speed and coast functions, in both directions, with the simple press of a button.
    • Shift Assist – software bundle designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity of the operator. A shortcut to increased functionality, the features are all driven by the shift button. Includes Intelligent Lift/Lower, Intelligent Acceleration, Intelligent Slow DownTM and Intelligent Cruise.
    • Reduced total cost of ownership – with reduced service times and increased service intervals, this truck can be serviced faster and as much as 50% less often, meaning less time out of service and more time moving product.

    The Hyster B60ZAC2 and B60-80ZHD2 End Rider series is available in single-, double- or triple-pallet 6,000 and 8,000 lb. capacity. These lift trucks are engineered to take on demanding applications in a multitude of operating conditions, including home centers, food distribution and food processing. These pallet trucks are equipped with operator-focused features and durable components that allow operations to run faster, leaner and more efficiently.

  • MH Engineered Solutions (formerly Elite Supply Chain Solutions) Announces Re-Branding


    Name change and re-branding reaffirms commitment to shared values with parent company, MH Logistics.

    Scott Hennie, President of Elite Supply Chain Solutions, based in Hudson, OH, announced on February 1, 2019 that the company is changing its name to MH Engineered Solutions in a re-branding initiative. In addition to the name change, the re-branding includes a few simple modifications to the company's logo, colors, and graphics. Together, these changes act as a final step in integrating what was previously Elite Supply Chain Solutions with its parent company, MH Logistics.

    "The re-branding of Elite Supply Chain Solutions to MH Engineered Solutions will solidify our integration into the MH Logistics family of service companies”, Hennie explains. “This alignment will better position us with our value statement of being Consultative in Nature, Transparent in Practice and Good Stewards of our Clients’ Resources.”

    “We will continue to bring a complete portfolio of solutions, services and products to our clients - and this re-branding will make it easier for our clients to understand the relationship between MH Equipment, MH Engineered Solutions, MH Fleet and MH Resales. Our clients will benefit from the synergies of our companies and our ability to be a One-Stop-Shop, Turnkey Solutions Provider and a Trusted Advisor to their organization."

    "We will continue to build on our foundation of working with our clients to develop solutions that meet their goals, at a fair price, and are executed in a timely fashion. Our focus will continue to be Automation, Material Handling and Storage in the Order Fulfillment, Distribution and Manufacturing sectors. We will continue working with the most respected Supplier Partners in the industry and represent them with diligence and professionalism."