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  • Meet Stan Pierce – Western Region Rail King Representative!

    Stan Pierce is our Rail King representative located in Des Moines, Iowa. He is responsible for our western region Rail King sales including the states of Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Missouri. Stan has been with MH Equipment for the past 2 and a half years. He started here after interviewing with Darrell Randall and initially came on board as the Western Region Sales Manager promoting the Mariotti line of products before becoming involved with the Rail King line of equipment.

    Prior to coming to MH Equipment, Stan spent 14 years at Cyclone Sports Properties (a division of Learfield Sports that holds the rights to Iowa State University Athletics) as a Senior Account Executive. There he sold everything from the Cyclone Radio Network, Cyclone Television Network, to
    signage at football and basketball venues to gameday programs! (He got to attend a LOT of games!)

    Stan’s most rewarding experience so far at MH, has been his first Rail King sale to American Crystal Sugar. Not only was it his first sale, but the fact that he was able to sell a significant piece of equipment to a customer that had only bought competitive equipment in the past was a huge win in Stan’s book. “Some of the people involved in the process didn’t even think they could buy any other brand. There were many twists and turns during the sales process but in the end we won the battle – it was an awesome feeling! In fact, a year later I sold them another new machine at one of their other plants.”

    For the past 14 years, Stan has been married to his wonderful wife Jennifer. Together they have two sons – Jordan (8th grade) and Hunter (6th grade). Both boys keep them busy with their involvement in sports, 4-H, and more. They also have two dogs that keep them busy and are a big part of the family – Zoey, the miniature pincher and Magnum, the German short-haired pointer. Stan and his family like to keep busy outdoors, particularly hunting and fishing and the occasional golf outing. Jordan and Hunter took up golfing this summer, so that means more golf for mom and dad when time permits!

    Stan’s favorite sports team is the St. Louis Cardinals. “They are my favorite because I grew up a Cardinals fan as my dad was a huge fan and passed it along to me. In fact, he named me after Stan Musial one of his favorite players of his generation.” The Iowa State Cyclones take a close second place as I love college football & basketball.

    One person that Stan would like to have dinner with would be Abe Lincoln. “His influence on our country was dramatic and the times he lead us through had to be extremely challenging. I think his perspective on government and politics would be very interesting. Plus, I would like to see what his personality was really like.”

    Finally, one thing that most people don’t know about Stan is that he won a Gold Medal in the Iowa Games for skeet shooting about 15 years ago. (Great job!)

    Please join me in thanking Stan for his hard work and dedication. We look forward to working with him in the years to come.

  • What would you do?

    Let’s say that it has happened, the worst possible thing at the worst possible time, and you find yourself without the forklift that you needed to move the pallets into the waiting truck at the dock. You ask yourself “What am I going to do?”

    When faced with this situation, would you place your fate into the hands of someone who might not truly understand your business needs? Would you call the local equipment rental place down the street that rents anything from a snow cone machine to all-terrain cranes? Do you think you can trust them to spec your needs out properly when their focus is on hundreds of other rental items? Or would you call someone who knows forklifts inside and out and specializes in the type of equipment you need and can get it when you need it?

    MH Equipment knows forklifts – in fact, we have a rental fleet of over 2,000 of them! Whether you need a small capacity truck of 3,000 lbs or a capacity of 150,000 lbs, work in a warehouse or in a rough terrain situation, MH Equipment has you covered!

    Visit our website at  to learn more about our rental programs and equipment. Let us keep you moving!

  • IT Team Highlight – Meet Steve Dahlhauser!

    We are proud to highlight Steve Dahlhauser who has been with our MH family for the past 14 years! Steve has had a long career with MH Equipment - in fact, this was his first job out of college! As an an important part of our IT team, Steve’s main responsibilities include managing the network and network equipment as well as internet connections and firewalls. Steve also manages our Cisco phone system and works alongside management to conduct research & development to determine what technologies and products we could implement to benefit the company. This means that Steve will likely be the person to assist you should you need help or have issues with network and internet access or have problems with your phone.

    As previously mentioned, working for MH was Steve’s first job out of college. He graduated from Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa with a degree in Compter Science. Steve is married to his lovely wife Dannelle, who also works for MH Equipment as the General Marketing Manager. Together, Steve and Dannelle have three children: Chester (12), Meadow (5), and Macey (2). As a family, the Dahlhauser’s enjoy sports -particularly Iowa Hawkeye and Miami Dolphins football, going to the Des Moines Blank Park Zoo, and just hanging out with friends and extended family.

    Steve says that the most rewarding aspect of his position, (other than meeting his awesome wife and asking her out on a date) is “when the IT team can implement new technologies that improve the work experience and efficiency of our employees.  I like to think that my most satisfying moment is always somewhere on the horizon as I constantly strive to look for ways to improve myself and the company through knowledge and understanding of technology and how it can be used to positively effect business operations.” Steve likes working for MH, because he enjoys that every day presents a different challenge and because most of the people the IT team works with are kind and friendly and appreciate the help the team provides. He also likes working for a company that is always looking for the next opportunity and not just resting on it’s laurels.

    As for hobbies, Steve likes to consider himself a connoisseur of fine beers and has, in fact, tried over 400 different beers from at least 25 different countries! He also likes to golf, although he doesn’t get to play as much as he’d like, and is the commissioner of a fantasy football league that is going on it’s 9th year. Steve says that fantasy football draft day is one of his favorite days next to Christmas and the SuperBowl which his wife thinks is ridiculous!

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  • More Health, Less Injuries

    Good health can aid in reducing injuries. Flexibility and strength can prevent strains and sprains. Exercise can help you sleep better during the night so you’re more aware on the job. Choosing healthier foods can help you avoid that afternoon energy slump. You don’t have to diet, or start some exercise program- just try adding some activity and healthy switches into your routine.

    Consider these healthy choices.

    Walking: Walking is one of the most effective ways to improve your health. Mayo Clinic website is a great resource to learn more about health and the importance of walking. Among many benefits, a few of the top reasons to walk are:

    Still not convinced? Walking an extra 20 minutes a day will burn off 7 pounds of body fat in a year without even dieting! No gym membership or diet plans involved.

    Weight lifting: More muscle means a higher metabolism. Studies show that a pound of muscle burns between 30-50 calories per day; whereas a pound of fat only burns 2 calories per day. Increasing your muscle mass also improves the efficiency in which your body uses sugar (which decreases your odds of getting diabetes) and can decrease your blood pressure (a risk factor for strokes). For weight training 101, click here.

    Fast Food: By now, everyone knows that eating fast food for lunch every day is not very healthy. The majority of fast food offered is very high in calories, fat, and sodium- all the unhealthy stuff! Interestingly, even though we are aware of these facts, we still choose to grab our work lunches from fast food establishments. Men’s Health Magazine offeres some  ”Eat This, Not That,” nutritional facts, but here are some of the best and worst choices we’ve found to help you out:

    Sometimes, a little awareness and forethought can help you, your waistline and your overall health.

    To view a complete list of Subway’s nutrition facts, click here. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on MH Equipment and industry news!

  • ReSale Feature of the Week

    For Sale: 2006 Hyster S30FT








    This piece of used equipment is currently located at our St. Louis branch. For more information on the feature, please call 314-567-9250 or submit a contact form, here. If you’re looking for other used material handling equipment, visit our website and search according to your needs.

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  • Employee Highlight – Meet Dave Adams!

    Dave Adams is an Aftermarket representative located in our Columbus, Ohio branch. He has been with MH Equipment a little over two years and came to us from the local Komatsu dealer where he sold lift trucks and parts and service. Once he heard there was an Aftermarket position available with MH, he was quick to apply! We’re glad he did, because he brings years of material handling experience!

    Since coming to MH, Dave says that his most rewarding experience was signing a 3-year service agreement with a major airline repair facility; closely followed by the time he won a 37” TV for an internal aftermarket sales incentive contest. As for what he likes most about working for MH Equipment, Dave says “great people, working together to solve customer problems is very rewarding and not to mention that the company’s credibility is outstanding.”

    On a personal note, Dave resides in Canal Winchester, Ohio with his wife Kristina and their two sons, Clay (16) and Colt (3). Together they like spending quality family time and just recently took a beach vacation that was a lot of fun. Dave likes to work on cars and motorcycles (which he has done for as long as he can remember) and says that he thinks the troubleshooting involved with these repairs helps him with troubleshooting when it comes to aftermarket sales as well. He also likes to spend time boating or fishing and participates in a golf league with his dad.

    We won’t hold it against him, but Dave is a New York Jets fan and has been since his mom bought him a Joe Namath poster when he was a little boy. This love of football carried on into his teen years and Dave was a part of the All City football team for 3 years!

    Please join me in thanking Dave for sharing a little about himself and for all the hard work and dedication he has shown since being a member of the MH family!

  • Be Safe in the Moment – Trash Safety!

    Emptying the trash is a common occurrence at work. We want to empty it on a regular basis so it doesn’t overflow onto the floor or block aisles. Glance to see if anything looks like it doesn’t belong in the trash. Something may have fallen or been put in accidentally. Be cautious when reaching into the trash because it may contain sharp objects. Please read through the list of other safety tips when dealing with trash.




    Whenever handling trash, remember to use proper body mechanics and protect your back!

  • ReSale Feature of the Week

    For Sale: 2005 Hyster S50FT


    This piece of used equipment is currently located at our St. Louis Branch. For more information on the feature, please call 314-567-9250 or submit a contact form, here. If you’re looking for other used material handling equipment, visit our website and search according to your needs.

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  • Lifesong for Orphans

    Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the life of a child? To help provide a child in need with the basic necessities of food, clothing, medical care, and shelter? To help provide him or her with a quality education as they learn fundamental Christian principles in a loving and supportive environment?

    At MH Equipment, we wanted to give our employees an opportunity to do just that and that is why we selected Lifesong for Orphans as one of our four corporate charities. As one of our corporate charities, our employees are given the opportunity to help support Lifesong through automatic payroll deduction.

    Lifesong for Orphans is an organization founded by Gary and Marla Ringger with the sole purpose of “bringing joy and purpose to orphans” by coming alongside people that are uniquely positioned to make a difference in a child’s life. Whether this be Christian couples eligible for adoption, indigenous orphan care leaders, churches, or missionaries.

    “Our Children” will have:

    Lifesong for Orphans is an amazing organization doing amazing things to make a difference in the lives of many children. MH Equipment is proud to sponsor Lifesong for Orphans.

    To learn more about Lifesong for Orphans, visit their website at

  • Be Safe in the Moment – Watch Your Road Rage!

    Have you ever been cut off in traffic? Another driver ever ride your bumper and you were going the speed limit? Have you ever witnessed someone honking, making obscene gestures, or yelling at other drivers? Maybe you have even done some of these things?????? Did you  know that these are all signs of road rage?

    Road rage is defined as violent or visibly angry behavior by a driver of a motor vehicle which can result in crashes or other incidents on roadways. It also called an extreme case of aggressive driving.

    The following are possible signs of road rage or aggressive driving:

    Ways to Avoid Road Rage

    Road rage is a growing concern among motorists these days. It’s become so much of a danger in some areas that legislation is being considered to punish offenders with more severity than ever before. Road rage is avoidable by using common sense – and letting your ego take a backseat. So, be Safe in the Moment and practice the tips above to avoid being a road rage victim.

  • ReSale Feature of the Week

    For Sale: 2006 Hyster H50FT


    This piece of used equipment is currently located at our St Louis branch. For more information on the feature, please call 314-567-9250 or submit a contact form, here. If you’re looking for other used material handling equipment, visit our website and search according to your needs.

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  • Meet Josh Ford

    Josh Ford has been an Aftermarket Representative based out of our Bowling Green, Kentucky Branch for the past five years. Before joining MH, Josh worked for a nation-wide medical supply distributor. At the time, his son was only a couple of years old and his current job required extensive travel – “I really wanted to spend more time at home with my family instead of in the air with strangers.” Therefore, Josh began to search for a company that understood the family/work balance and MH Equipment was a perfect fit!  

    During his time at MH, Josh has had the priviledge of landing some significant sales, but says that even the small sales are rewarding. “I get the same satisfaction every time any customer awards me with an order”.  In addition to working with customers, Josh also enjoys working at MH Equipment because he enjoys his co-workers and appreciates working for a company that appreciates it’s employees.

    To get to know Josh personally, he is married to his wife Cara and together they have two children, Tyler (8) and Allison (3). Together the family really enjoys sports. “We’re fortunate that both our kids enjoy sports as much as we do, so a lot of sports are played at our house.” – and when asked what his favorite sports team is, Josh replied “UK Wildcats – is there anyone else???” (Obviously Josh and Marshall Karem must have great conversations on how the Wildcats are sure to get their eighth banner this year!)

    For fun, Josh also likes canoeing, golfing, fishing, playing basketball and baseball, as well as deer and turkey hunting.  I think it’s safe to say that Josh is a good ol’ southern boy with his love of the outdoors and good hearty meals. His favorite meal consists of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and finished off with blackberry cobbler and one scoop of vanilla ice cream. (YUM!) 

    We asked Josh to name one person in history he would like to have dinner with and he said, “The one person I would choose to have dinner with would be Mark Twain – given his writings, humor, and experiences, I think it would be a very entertaining dinner!” (Hopefully Mr. Twain likes blackberry cobbler!)

    Please join me in thanking Josh for his commitment to MH Equipment and his customers! You can reach Josh at

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  • Why Rent from MH Equipment?

    Despite the positive economic trend of 2011, most companies are still slow to invest in material handling equipment. This means that forklift dealers are seeing an increase in both parts and service as older equipment is being used longer AND an increase in rentals since capital purchases are still (for the most part) being avoided.

    MH Equipment offers quality late model Hyster, Yale, and JCB (amongst other makes of) rental equipment as a solution to our customers that are facing these situations.  The object being, of course, to provide a temporary solution to our customers as well as introduce them to the level of quality seen in our rental units – that way when they are prepared to purchase a new unit, they know what to expect from both MH Equipment and our OEMs. Beyond that of course, our rental customers enjoy a lot of other benefits seen with rental units:

    If you think you could use some additional equipment but have questions, give our rental department a call at 888-564-2191. We’ll be happy to work with you.

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    Special thanks to Kyle Thill.

  • IT Team Highlight – Meet Brett Stevens!

    A new series on our MH Equipment blog will be to highlight members of our IT team. This week we are highlighting Brett Stevens from our Chillicothe Corporate location.

    We are proud to highlight Brett Stevens who has been with our MH family for the past three years. Brett is an important part of our IT team with his main responsibilities being maintenance of our company data center which includes the main file and mail servers, desktop support and asset management, and hardware ordering and research. This means that Brett will likely be the person to assist you should you need help or have issues with computer hardware, need to install additional software, have a new user to set up, or need access to specific files or folders.

    Before coming to MH Equipment, Brett worked as a Network Administrator for Devonshire Realty located in Champaign, Illinois until they downsized and he found MH Equipment. (We’re lucky he did!)

    Brett says that the most rewarding aspect of his position, is knowing that he is a key part of keeping all our employees up and running and working as efficiently as possible. In addition to the satisfaction he gets from helping others, Brett enjoys working for MH, because he likes working for a company that sincerely cares about their employees. Brett’s servant heart fits right in at MH Equipment!

    When he’s not working, Brett likes to spend time with his wife of nine years, Brandy, and their three boys, Brendan (8), Austin (6), and Caleb (3).  Together they love to fish, play sports, and find new ice cream shacks to try. Brett also enjoys volunteering as a coach for the boys’ baseball teams and is the Cub Master for his son Brendan’s cub scout pack.

    When asked what person in history he would like to have dinner with (it will most likely be anything Mexican or Italian because those are his favorite!), Brett responded “Bill Gates – So I could ask him why he had to release Windows ME!”

    And finally – one unique thing that most people don’t know about Brett is that he is actually an officiator at Jr high, high school, and small college level football and basketball games. (Wow! He’s a busy guy!)

    Please join me in thanking Brett for all his hard work and dedication as a member of our IT team! Remember to enter an IT ticket for all your hardware, software, and server needs – and be expecting a phone call or email from Brett in response!

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  • Discuss Good Driving Habits

    As a part of being Safe in the Moment, it is important to evaluate how you drive on a regular basis. You need to be aware of how your mood or attitude can affect the way you drive and to be aware of potential driving habits that may be a nuisance to other drivers. Always be considerate in traffic to avoid accidents, injuries, or near misses.

    These things may seem like common sense, but it’s the little things that can be so frustrating. Read through the list and see if you can come up with other items that could become a driving safety issue.

    Things to consider:

    • Do not drive with your left foot on the brake. Your brake lights are constantly on and drivers behind you can’t tell when you are serious about braking.

    • Red lights are not a suggestion. Always look before entering an intersection in case someone is running through the red light which happens quite often.

    • Stay alert and don’t totally trust your GPS. Sometimes they do not give much warning when to make a turn.

    • Make well calculated lane changes and use your signal. Avoid crossing several lanes of traffic to exit. Anticipate the exit and change lanes well in advance.

    • Make sure your lights, horn, wipers, etc. are working properly. If you are driving a rental or unfamiliar car, check the location of these items ahead of time.

    • A red flashing stop light means stop. Be sure to stop at a red flashing light and do not enter the intersection until it is clear. It may not be a 4 way stop, but oncoming traffic may have a flashing yellow.

    • Be aware of heavy traffic or construction and slow down.

    • Maintain a constant speed and do not speed up when someone is trying to pass you.

    • Limit distractions: cell phone, eating, drinking, GPS, etc.

    Remember to Be Safe in the Moment and practice good driving habits!


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