• Answer Your Sweeper and Scrubber Questions with Help from Our Industrial Cleaning Experts

    You have questions and we’ve got the answers. We asked our Industrial cleaning equipment team to sit down with us and answer some of the tough questions our customers have when purchasing an industrial sweeper or scrubber.

    DJ, our Cleaning Equipment Program Manager, and Don, an MH Sweeper-Scrubber Specialist, are experts when it comes to industrial cleaning equipment. See their answers below to questions every Warehouse Manager and business owner face when considering the purchase of industrial cleaning equipment.

    1. How do I know if my business is the right size for industrial cleaning equipment?

      "We can outfit any size business with the right size floor care machine, from small office machines to large outside parking lot machines. Every business can benefit from cleaning equipment." – Don

      2. How do I know if I need a sweeper or a scrubber or both?

        "It depends on the facility. We find the correct machine for your unique application. We would be glad to make a visit to a customer facility to conduct a floor cleaning survey to determine the right machine for the application, at no charge." – Don

        3. How do I know what head type to use?

          "Good rule of thumb is if you need to pick up solid debris, then a cylindrical sweeper/scrubber combo scrub deck is what to use, as it will deposit debris into a catch hopper while it is also scrubbing the floor. A disc head scrubber is capable of applying more down pressure for heavily stained floors and is capable of using soft pads for polishing fine floors." – Don

          4. How are traction drives and brush drives different?

            "A traction drive machine pulls itself and with a brush drive system, your brush spinning on the floor moves the machine forward, you’ll still need to push a brush drive machine is certain circumstances." – DJ

            5. How do I dispose of dirty cleaning solution?

              "Great question! This will depend on the cleaning chemicals you are using to clean with and the size of your drains. Let us help you find the right solution for your wastewater." – DJ

              6. Should I buy or rent an industrial scrubber/sweeper?

                "If you plan on keeping the machine for more than 5 years it is best to purchase new. If you’ll only be using the machine to clean up corrosive liquids, rental is the way to go." – DJ

                Got more questions? Read our blog post "4 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Industrial Sweeper or Scrubber" to help answer your questions or call our specialists at your local MH Equipment location.

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