• Hear from Our Experts: Your Big Truck Questions Answered

    We carry a wide variety of products including high capacity forklifts and specialty lifts. Sometimes it can be hard to determine what you need and when. That is where our experts come in. Matt is part of our Big Truck and Specialty Equipment division. We sat down with him to answer your Big Truck questions:

    What are "Big Trucks"?

    "A “Big Truck” is a forklift with a higher capacity than what would be typically seen in a local home improvement store or lumber yard. They can be used to unload entire trucks at one time or handle overseas shipping containers in ports and rail yards. Our Big Truck customers handle large machines, concrete, steel and lumber and work in ports, power plants, construction sites, mills and manufacturing facilities around the world."

    How do I know I need a Big Truck vs. a regular forklift?

    "Knowing what needs to be moved determines what size of truck you need. Our Material Handling Specialists can help you determine what piece of equipment is needed. Let us know what you need to move and we can help provide the solution."

    Is renting a Big Truck an option?

    "Absolutely - Our rental fleet has a wide range of Big Trucks and Specialty Equipment. Last week we delivered a 36,000 lb. capacity truck to a customer. We are sending one of our 55,000 lbs. capacity trucks out today to handle steel coils and we are renting trucks to handle even larger loads of over 100,000 lbs.!"

    What makes MH's Big Trucks different than competitors' lifts?

    "Few can match MH Equipment’s breadth of experience, service expertise, and fleet management solutions. Our suppliers offer a wide array of safety and productivity solutions. Among these are our real-time telemetry solutions, state-of-the-art service access, and in the last decade we’ve seen tremendous improvements in fuel efficiency and reduced operating costs as well."

    What features do Big Trucks have to keep my operators safe?

    "Our equipment is designed with operator and pedestrian safety in mind. Solutions range from the simple hi-vis standard seatbelts, panoramic mirrors, and traditional back-up and motion alarms or strobe lights to sophisticated proximity and object detection systems and perimeter cameras. And, really, it all starts with good visibility, to the front, sides, and rear of the trucks."

    What is one of the operator’s biggest concerns when operating a Big Truck?

    "Operators tell us that they want a comfortable work environment so that they can be productive all day long. Air suspension seats, air conditioning, and an infinitely adjustable steering column addresses many of these concerns."

    What service options are available with MH for Big Trucks?

    "We offer the same quality service options available with all of our equipment from routine maintenance, PMs, and call-in repairs, to fleet management. If someone needs a service, we can do it quickly and efficiently."

    What else does MH offer that is unique or unusual?

    "Big Trucks and specialty equipment is comprised of a wide range of material handling solutions, not only the Hyster and Yale “Big and Jumbo Trucks” and the Rico Pegasus high capacity cushion trucks. We also offer EX rated explosion proof forklifts as well as Combilift, Landoll, Bendi and Drexel equipment for specialized load handling solutions."

    Are you ready for a BIG TRUCK or specialized solution? Call your local MH Branch today to get in touch with Matt or another one of our specialists.

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