• 5 Reasons to Give MH Equipment a Chance to Earn Your Service

    As a professional in the material handling industry, you know maintenance is a critical component of your operations – you also know needing it can be expensive, time-consuming, and interruptive.

    That is why it’s important to evaluate your service partners and their effectiveness – you and your business deserve a timely and professional response that protects your bottom line by keeping your equipment up and running. After all, a strong maintenance relationship can be an incredible competitive advantage to a company that relies on the uptime of its equipment.

    With nearly 70 years in the industry, MH Equipment has developed relationships with numerous companies for their material handling needs – one of the largest needs being equipment maintenance. Below are five reasons why you should consider MH Equipment to be your trusted partner when it comes to professional and reliable service work:

    1. Two types of service plans with cost-effective rates and payments

      The cost of acquiring a lift truck is only 20 percent of the total ownership cost you can expect to incur over its effective lifetime. Without planning and controlling the remaining cost, your business may be hindered with the unexpected, such as unscheduled downtime, higher operation costs, lower productivity, or reduced equipment service life. You can protect that remaining 80 percent of your investment with a reliable maintenance plan.

      We understand our customers’ unique needs, and we strive to accommodate while helping them maximize the life of their equipment. That’s why we offer two types of service agreements: the periodic maintenance plan and the total maintenance agreement.

      Our periodic maintenance plan means our highly-trained technicians are periodically looking over your equipment to point out any potential problems before they become a bigger, more expensive issue for you down the road. This plan also removes the burden of fulfilling OSHA requirements to maintain your equipment with a fixed rate per service. It includes procedures and items like:

      • Oil change and fluid refill
      • Filter replacement
      • Lubrication of moving parts
      • Safety, operational, and comprehensive inspections
      • Work documentation detailing inspection results and repair recommendations
      • The ability to schedule maintenance at your convenience

      The total maintenance plan includes all of the above periodic maintenance items, plus any diagnosed equipment failures or repairs (excluding avoidable damage and tires), such as:

      • Breakdown repairs
      • Failed component and wear items replacement
      • Tune-up adjustments

      Our comprehensive, total maintenance plan helps equipment last longer, run better, and have less downtime and a better resale value. Additionally, this plan has a fixed monthly fee for the life of the agreement, typically ranging from 12-72 months.

      2. Highly-skilled technicians that get the job done right the first time

        As one of the largest employers of trained material handling equipment service technicians in North America, we make it a point to attract and hire the best technicians and invest in their careers by offering best-in-class training. In fact, our certified technicians have an average of 15 years’ experience.

        We know and understand the investment you have in your equipment and how important it is to your daily operations. Our technicians are transparent in practice and passionate about being a steward of our customers’ resources well – we ask them to maintain equipment as if they were the owner of that equipment, ensuring your investment is being well looked after.

        Our skilled technicians can also handle any equipment repair for any make or model of material handling equipment. From lift trucks to sweeper-scrubbers and beyond, we can repair it all.

        Overall, our goals are for you to feel valued like your needs were handled professionally and efficiently in our Service Department, and you were satisfied with the condition of your equipment after being serviced.

        3. Relieving the burden of downtime so you can regain focus on your operations

          We understand every minute your machine isn’t moving affects your bottom line. Our maintenance plans and Service Department can ease that pressure, allowing you to maintain focus on the demands of your business.

          Because your equipment is a series of moving and wearing parts, the more it’s used, the more wear and tear the components develop. That wear and tear translates into equipment that doesn’t run as efficiently, is at an increased risk of breaking down, and is a potential safety hazard for equipment operators.

          When one of our technicians inspects your equipment, you can count on service and recommendations meant to keep your equipment in safe and working order – and maybe even save you some dollars down the road. With regular and professional maintenance, your equipment will perform at a higher level throughout the span of its life, improving uptime, operator safety, and ultimately your bottom line.

          4. Service when and where you need it

            With 28 servicing locations across the Midwest and 24/7 emergency road service, you can count on MH Equipment to be the reliable partner you can call on when things aren’t running so smoothly.

            Our fleet of GPS-monitored service vans carries a valuable inventory of parts and tools to get your equipment repaired and running again as quickly as possible. Moreover, we have a fully-staffed Parts Department with more than $7 million of parts inventory backing up the talent of our technicians.

            We have the capability to come to your location, bringing with us the tools, parts, and know-how to get the job done right the first time, so you can get back to business as usual.

            5. Fulfilled service promises to customers

              Our company vision is to be regarded as an employer of choice, a trustworthy partner, and an ethical market leader in our communities by providing our customers with innovative solutions and unparalleled value.

              In line with our company vision, we view our maintenance plans as a promise to our customers. We promise to:

              • Be good stewards of your equipment and resources;
              • Be transparent about our practices; and
              • Provide a positive, professional service experience.

              We fulfill our promises by sending well-trained, professional technicians to help you get back up and running, as well as to consult you on best practices that can maximize the life of your equipment and minimize avoidable maintenance spending in the future.

              You deserve to have a service partner you can trust and rely on. With more than half of our employees being certified service technicians, one of MH Equipment’s major specialties is timely and reliable service, backed with a sturdy parts inventory. When you need to get back up and running, give us a call at 888-564-2191.

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