• Take Your Facility to the Next Level - Keep It Clean

    Most often, warehouses and manufacturing operations are known for the abundance of dirt, grease, and grime that comes with the territory of working in an industrial environment. Keeping your facility clean is an important, and at times lofty task, but with recent updates and innovations in industrial cleaning equipment there is an abundance of cleaning solutions readily available for almost any cleaning need.

    As our world continues to be impacted with things such as the Coronavirus, there is no more important time than now to ensure you are putting in place policies and procedures to keep your facility clean and sanitized and using the most effective cleaning equipment available.

    Most Importantly: Clean Everything

    Just like spring cleaning at home, do not miss the hard to reach spots. Clean every area in your facility from indoor offices to loading docks to parking lots. There is cleaning equipment that can wash and sanitize multiple types of surfaces. Do not only focus on high trafficked areas. Due to pandemics like COVID-19, it is important to sanitize every space to protect you, your workers, and your customers.

    Service Areas

    Service areas are the heart of many operations and require cleanliness to keep business moving and your employees safe. For service or in-door vehicle areas, a washer, like the Kärcher B 60 W Bp, is ideal for any shop area that requires maneuverability and even safeguards against incorrect operation. A scrubber like the PowerBoss Phoenix 3030, is great at cleaning those persistent and frustrating grease stains from shop floors using a scrub deck made of corrosion-resistant aluminum casting leaving a professional clean. The tested technology also conserves 20% of the water and chemicals compared to standard disc brushes helping your bottom line.


    Many facilities have office spaces like conference rooms, bathrooms, and desk spaces that tend to be high traffic areas. When meeting with customers, conference rooms and bathrooms may be spaces they spend a lot of time in. Dress to impress by keeping your offices spotless. Go above and beyond just your standard vacuuming routine. Floor scrubbers are easy to operate and give your office space a deep clean removing set-in stains. Sprayers, like the Minuteman DS2 100 PSI Pump Powered Applicator, are great for bathrooms and tiled areas that need disinfecting quickly and need to be sanitized regularly. The DS2 provides a pulse-free spray ensuring a consistent application effectively leading to a more-uniform coverage than standard wiping methods.

    Processing Centers

    Dust can accumulate quickly in Processing Centers due to spills and hard to reach areas. This is another area you will want to focus on cleaning expertly and efficiently to keep your business moving. Keep your workforce safe with a clean space by using a scrubber like the Kärcher B 150 R Bp SB to stay on track. The B 150 cleans floors quickly and safely with operators in mind. The machine is easy to use and great for narrow aisles.

    Exteriors and Loading Docks

    One area many businesses and operations seem to overlook in their cleaning routine is their facility’s exterior. Even though these spaces may not seem like the highest priority, they can show that your business is there to improve the community where you do business. Make cleaning platforms, ramps, parking lots, sidewalks, dock doors, and other exterior surfaces a must-do on your list. A good choice for exteriors is rider sweepers like PowerBoss’ Armadillo series. A sweeper like the PowerBoss Armadillo 9X is a cost-effective option for cleaning out-doors and is consistently reliable in parking lots and sidewalks.

    Industrial Cleaning Helps You and the Community

    Keeping warehouse and manufacturing operations clean is key to daily production and avoiding workforce injury or illness. In this day and age, the challenge of keeping facilities clean and disinfected is made easier with industrial cleaning equipment like sweepers, scrubbers, and sprayers that can complete the job quickly and efficiently. Take your facility to the next level of clean today!

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