• A Future in Forklifts

    “More customers are looking to get out of maintaining equipment — the maintenance side of the business — and focus on their core-building equipment,” said Rick Stearns, who serves as the Davenport branch manager.

    The company has a solid client base that includes big names like Deere, Hon and Monsanto.

    That keeps MH Equipment looking for new ways to grow its business. This year is off to a great start. Since maintenance makes up nearly half its business, the company is moving ahead by fine-tuning its focus.

    “Complacency in our industry just won’t work,” said General Marketing Manager Dannelle Dahlhauser. “We need to continue to grow within a changing business environment.”

    While other manufacturers downsize and do more with less, MH Equipment continues to grow. Despite a sales dip during 2009, it expects a 15% staffing increase in Davenport.

    That means more hands-on jobs for mechanics and technicians, who service Hyster equipment and other brands both in-house and on location. With on-the-job training, it turns into a good opportunity for qualified job seekers. One that also helps clients.

    “We really try to go out there and determine what their needs are,” Dahlhauser said. “Really help them be successful with their fleet and with their business as well.”

    A business that naturally has its ups-and-downs with forklifts is mostly climbing these days.

    “Our connection with the people makes us more than a company to work for,” said Stearns. “It’s more like a family.”

    A family with a future in forklifts.

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