• Be “Boy Scout” Prepared for Winter Travel – ALL the time!

    Often times while growing up my parents had vehicles that weren’t exactly “reliable” – spending money on fancy new cars – or even mechanics for that matter -  was never really their thing… However, being prepared for the worst definitely was!  (Like Boy Scout prepared… ALL the time!)

    No matter what time of year it was there was ALWAYS a tool box stashed in the car, and if it was winter you can bet there were blankets, candles, matches, boots, sand, and even snacks in the car too!

    I’ll never forget how exasperated my dad was one night a couple of years ago when I stopped by their house – in the dead of winter with several inches of snow on the ground – AND wearing my bedroom slippers of course.  He just about came unglued!  “What are you doing?!  What if your car broke down?!”  (I think he may have even called me crazy…)

    I scoffed – “I have a cell phone and roadside service… what do you mean?”

    Oh did I ever get an earful!

    While cell phones and road service are great they’re not the only tools to have in your winter survival vehicle kit.  I have to give my dad credit on that one… I guess I would be really grateful to have a blanket and boots if for some crazy reason my cell phone wasn’t working!

    So, here’s a list of must haves if you are going to be traveling in the Midwest this winter (even if it is just a few miles to mom and dad’s house you go!)

    Make sure you update the contents of your kit on a regular basis and make sure all drivers and passengers know where to find it.



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