• Be Safe in the Moment!

    It is important to be Safe in the Moment to avoid accidents and injuries. By following the safety tips below you can maintain a safe work environment.

    Focus on the Task at hand

    1. Set the stage:  Have all your tools set up in your work station so you do not have to continually go searching for them.

    2. One task at a time:  Work on one item at a time and put everything else away. If you are working on a computer close all windows but the one you are working on.

    3. Envision the outcome:  Picture the end result in your mind, and work your way back. What do you have to do, how you do it, and where you need to start.

    4. Eliminate outside distractions:  Keep your workspace clean.

    5. Be present:  Think about what you are doing and not the deadlines or the church picnic on the weekend.

    Focus on being Safe in the Moment. Many accidents occur because of carelessness. By applying the principles above you can stay safe!

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