• Be Safe in the Moment – Watch Your Road Rage!

    Have you ever been cut off in traffic? Another driver ever ride your bumper and you were going the speed limit? Have you ever witnessed someone honking, making obscene gestures, or yelling at other drivers? Maybe you have even done some of these things?????? Did you  know that these are all signs of road rage?

    Road rage is defined as violent or visibly angry behavior by a driver of a motor vehicle which can result in crashes or other incidents on roadways. It also called an extreme case of aggressive driving.

    The following are possible signs of road rage or aggressive driving:

    Ways to Avoid Road Rage

    Road rage is a growing concern among motorists these days. It’s become so much of a danger in some areas that legislation is being considered to punish offenders with more severity than ever before. Road rage is avoidable by using common sense – and letting your ego take a backseat. So, be Safe in the Moment and practice the tips above to avoid being a road rage victim.



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