• Beat Your Budget Strain with Refurbished Equipment

    Buying used material handling equipment can be a budget-friendly answer when you need a piece of equipment quickly and for a significantly lower price than a new piece of equipment. There are pros and cons to buying both new and used equipment, whether it be the cost savings of used equipment vs. the enhanced reliability of new equipment… but, what if you didn’t have to compromise? Have you given consideration to refurbished equipment? Many used forklifts and other materials handling pieces of equipment are refurbished to be like new machines. Buyers of reconditioned used equipment experience the added bonus of reliable features that normally come with the purchase of a new machine at a fraction of the cost. Added value from a used piece of equipment can make increasing fleet size prices easy to attain during normal business cycles, seasonal holiday spikes, and even times of adversity for any operation.

    “How do you refurbish your used equipment?”

    This is a common question from many material handling buyers. Most industry professionals understand the concept of refurbishment, but it is important to note that many companies approach reconditioning a piece of equipment differently. At MH Equipment, we follow the following process:

    1. Perform an assessment. Before each truck begins the refurbishment process, technicians inspect the integral parts of the machine. They make a diagnosis as to whether the piece of equipment is suitable for reconditioning.

    It is important to know that not every piece of used equipment is refurbished. Some lifts do not meet MH Equipment’s criteria for refurbishment. When buying a used machine, it is critical you ask your dealer if the piece of equipment has or has not been refurbished.

    2. Fulfill inspection guidelines. Once a forklift meets the eligibility criteria, the piece of equipment goes through an inspection. At MH Equipment, technicians review the machine based on a 139-point inspection guideline that determines what components need repaired or replaced to make the lift like new.

    MH Equipment’s 139-point inspection includes:

    • Engine

    • Transmission/Powershift

    • Hydraulic System

    • Cooling System

    • Fuel System

    • Ignition System

    • Electrical System

    • Instruments and Accessories

    • Brake System

    • Parking Brake/Seat Brake

    • Differential/Drive Axle

    • Steering System

    • Steer Axle

    • Upright Mast

    • Carriage

    • Lift and Tilt Cylinders

    • Tires

    • And more depending on the piece of equipment

    3. Refresh the look. Forklifts are constantly undergoing minor damage from routine use resulting in a need for new paint. Once a truck has all the necessary parts repaired, many lifts are sanded down, prepped, and receive new paint.

    4. Ready for the next operator. When all is said and done, the reconditioned machine is like new. Features and quality are comparable to a brand new machine. Reconditioning extends the life of equipment with buyers receiving the most benefit.

    Refurbished material handling equipment can bring added value to your fleet:

    • Machines are made like new with the same capabilities and features as brand new machines.

    • Used equipment is readily available reducing downtime for businesses.

    • Buying refurbished machines is cost-effective. Most reconditioned forklifts at MH Equipment cost around 40 percent less than a standard brand new piece of equipment.

    • At MH Equipment, there are additional guarantees, including reliable maintenance and warranties available.

    Buying a refurbished forklift should be an easy choice. Expand your fleet with a reliable refurbished forklift or another piece of refreshed equipment. At MH Equipment, reliability comes standard with every piece of equipment. From the major components, all the way down to the smallest detail, everything is focused on adding quality and integrity to our reconditioned equipment.

    To see some of MH Equipment’s used forklifts, visit the inventory page on our website. For tailored options for your operation, please call your local MH Equipment branch

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