• Bowling Green Hi-Lite

    The Bowling Green Branch was acquired by MH Equipment in 2001. It is surrounded by many attractions such as the Corvette plant and museum, Mammoth Cave National Park, Beechbend Raceway, Kentucky Downs, and a minor league baseball team called the Hotrods.  Western Kentucky University sits close by and you can almost hear the branch fans yelling “Go Big Red!”

    The branch loves the Food Network and the most popular sport among the staff is NASCAR. When asked, “Who among those at your branch would you send to participate on the reality show “Survivor”?  They chose Don Stinson because in his spare time he trims trees as side work and climbs without a rope. Don is also the great fisherman of the group. He has entered several fishing tournaments and won thousands of dollars as well as a fishing boat.

    Here are a few interesting tidbits about the staff. These come with a disclaimer…they had fun!

     The Bowling Green Branch emphasizes that they are a team. Everyone is like family and they look out for each other. Way to go BG!

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