• Branch Hi-Lite Quiz

    How well do you know MH Equipment? Here is a short quiz that will test your knowledge about some of our branches. Comment answers below, and we will post the answers in a couple hours. Good Luck!

    (1) Which MH Equipment branch has moved 4 times?

    (2) Which branch is connected with an Industrial Supply company?

    (3) The Soybean Capital of the world is home to which MH Equipment branch?

    (4) How many employees does the Dayton Branch have?

    (5)  John Wieland purchased this branch in April of 2004.

    (6) Located in the heart of Distribution Warehousing and the Sand Capital of the world is…

    (7) This branch is located near the Amana Colonies, an area of interest near their location.

    (8) __________ is located in ‘beautiful Bluegrass Country.’

    (9) This branch has 4 employees that have 20+ years of experience.

    (10) During 1993 and 2008, this branch experienced the flooding in which they “narrowly escaped.”

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