• Working for a Company That Cares

    In a day and age where many companies claim to care about their employees and their community, it’s refreshing to experience one who truly walks the walk.

    Charity Time Program

    Every year at MH Equipment each employee is given a bank of eight hours to use for volunteer work. With over 900 employees across 31 locations, the potential volunteer impact in the community is over 7,200 hours.

    Recently two employees, Sadie Voong and Kirsten Hochstetler spent four hours volunteering for a local nonprofit in Des Moines, Iowa called Caring Hands. It was the first time either of them had used their charity hours, and their thoughts on the experience are noted below.

    Thoughts From the Volunteers

    Kirsten Hochstetler

    “Caring Hands has only one paid employee, so they rely heavily on volunteers to accomplish their mission. I didn’t know all the services they provided before spending the morning there, and I was truly amazed to see everything they did.

    Not only did they have a fully stocked food pantry, but they had rooms full of clothes for every age, and they recently added an online sales store to generate more revenue to use in the rest of the organization. There, people could donate furniture, cookware, antiques or almost anything else and volunteers would sort through the donations and prepare to sell them online.

    The resourcefulness of the Caring Hands organization was evident and their genuine desire to help anyone who had need was inspiring. Some of the volunteers even told us they received no government financial aid, they raised everything they needed from the local community. It was simply people helping people, and it was an honor to support them in a small way. I’m so grateful MH allowed me to see this organization in action and contribute to their mission.”

    Sadie Voong

    “It was great to be able to volunteer at an organization that is really making a difference in the community. Caring Hands offered a variety of free goods for families in need including clothing and groceries from their food pantry. It was amazing to be able to see everything they do with a small amount of financial support. We saw numerous volunteers that day focused on helping as much as possible. The passion the volunteers had while we were there was inspiring and even though we were only there for a few hours they welcomed us and made us feel like family.

    Along with their focus and drive, we were privy to seeing the inner workings of the organizations and their ingenuity for using what they have to raise money for their organization. The volunteers at the organization made an effort to use everything they were given as much as possible to help drive their mission. We volunteered in their online store area where other volunteers took donated house hold items including glassware, strollers, kitchen appliances, vintage furniture, and antiques and sold them for the organization on online marketplaces like Facebook, Etsy, EBay, and more to support Caring Hands’ main efforts.

    I feel lucky to be able to have volunteered for such an organization like Caring Hands. And I am thankful that MH Equipment gave me the hours for this opportunity. I hope to volunteer there again in the future.”

    The MH Difference

    People, Passion, Purpose is more than a slogan at MH Equipment, it’s something the company and the employees actually live by. Our organization truly values our communities and we hope to inspire other companies to consider implementing a similar charity time program.

    If you’ve ever wanted to work for a company who values you as an employee and your invests in your community, consider applying for many of the positions now open for hire at MH Equipment.

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