• Is a Consignment Right for You?

    How much productivity are you losing a year when your waiting for parts to fix equipment?

    Can you determine the costs associated with finding needed parts, tracking them down, ordering them, and picking them up/ waiting for them to arrive?

    The larger your operations, the more equipment you have and the more downtime and associated costs you have.This can be a big number.

    In the right circumstances, MH Equipment can place a parts consignment in your facility.We have the ability to determine the most frequently used parts that you will need and have them sitting in your facility and available immediately to your operation. MH Equipment will analyze your fleet of equipment, determine the appropriate stocking levels, make sure that inventory is where you need it when you need it, help with the restocking of these parts. The good news is that you only pay for the parts when they are used.

    A parts consignment is not always the right solution for everyone, but can be for the right fleet. Call us today and one of our Aftermarket Sales Representatives can go into detail on how a parts consignment can work for you.

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