• Discuss Good Driving Habits

    As a part of being Safe in the Moment, it is important to evaluate how you drive on a regular basis. You need to be aware of how your mood or attitude can affect the way you drive and to be aware of potential driving habits that may be a nuisance to other drivers. Always be considerate in traffic to avoid accidents, injuries, or near misses.

    These things may seem like common sense, but it’s the little things that can be so frustrating. Read through the list and see if you can come up with other items that could become a driving safety issue.

    Things to consider:

    • Do not drive with your left foot on the brake. Your brake lights are constantly on and drivers behind you can’t tell when you are serious about braking.

    • Red lights are not a suggestion. Always look before entering an intersection in case someone is running through the red light which happens quite often.

    • Stay alert and don’t totally trust your GPS. Sometimes they do not give much warning when to make a turn.

    • Make well calculated lane changes and use your signal. Avoid crossing several lanes of traffic to exit. Anticipate the exit and change lanes well in advance.

    • Make sure your lights, horn, wipers, etc. are working properly. If you are driving a rental or unfamiliar car, check the location of these items ahead of time.

    • A red flashing stop light means stop. Be sure to stop at a red flashing light and do not enter the intersection until it is clear. It may not be a 4 way stop, but oncoming traffic may have a flashing yellow.

    • Be aware of heavy traffic or construction and slow down.

    • Maintain a constant speed and do not speed up when someone is trying to pass you.

    • Limit distractions: cell phone, eating, drinking, GPS, etc.

    Remember to Be Safe in the Moment and practice good driving habits!


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