• Don’t Hurry, Be Happy!

    “It’s better to arrive late in this world than early in the next.” 

    Hurrying is a common cause of injuries and one of the main reasons we forget to be Safe in the Moment. Hurrying is the reason we:

     Whether at work or at home, it is hard to stop and take the time to do an activity safely unless we consider the possible outcome.

     For example:

     We hurry when we are trying to catch up. Feeling rushed takes up space in your brain and can lead to a mistake. The control for this easily-but-seldom-dealt-with hazard is to slow down, think about what you are doing, and do it safe in this moment.

     The reality of hurrying through any job is that it leads to mistakes. Mistakes lead to injuries and an inferior product. 

    Remember to Be Safe in the Moment – Don’t Hurry, Be Happy!

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