• Driving Injuries to Zero

    Any time a driver’s attention is drawn away from driving safe and defensively can be labeled as distracted driving. The most frequent form of distraction is cell phone use and texting.

    Researchers found that drivers on cell phones drive more slowly, brake more slowly and were 4-5 times more likely to crash.

    Earlier this month, MH Equipment employees agreed to obey state safety laws while driving and furthermore agreed to steer clear of any distractions while driving (surfing the internet, texting, adjusting Ipods, etc.). This policy ensures the safety and well being of MH employees and the general public.

    Some distracted driving facts:

    For more statistics and research done on distracted driving, click here.

    Msnbc.com posted a great article this morning titled “Distracted driving: ‘Deadly epidemic’ or storm in a tea cup?”  The article discuss the dangers of distractions, and how some vehicle systems are making drivers lazy and others are too complicated to use while driving.

    How do you keep yourself free from distractions while on the road? Does your vehicle have systems that help keep you safe or do they leave you vulnerable to distractions?

    Listen to people tell their heart-wrenching stories about how they have been affected by distracted driving on ‘faces of distracted driving’ at distraction.gov, the official US Government website for distracted driving.

    Be Safe in the Moment, don’t allow distractions while driving.

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