• East Peoria Hi-Lite

    The Peoria/East Peoria Branch is steeped in the origin of MH Equipment.  For a long period in the company’s history it has been at the root. This may always ring true as it is a part of the very beginning of the MH Equipment story. 

    In 1952 a collective group purchased what was then a Hyster Company Store located on South Adams inPeoria.  Within a short period of time the store was moved to 309 N.E.Rock Islandwhere it remained until the fall of 2008 when it took up residency at its current location across the river in East Peoria,Illinois. 

    The current larger facility provides a much improved flow between departments and has provided some much needed upgrades because of the space and layout of the facilities.  These enhancements have provided a customer friendly layout which offers greater support and accessibility to parts and service.

    One of the other unique characteristics of the branch is its connection with the Illinois Corporate West Division.  The branch and the corporate share the facility together.  The front of the facility provides comfortable home offices that support the company’s region with Sales (New and Resale), Fleet, and Management personnel.

    Currently the Peoria/East Peoria Branch consists of one manager, one service coordinator, one parts technician and ten qualified service technicians.  Three of the technicians (Randy Ragle, Frank Christian and Del Rickena) each have over 30 years service at MH Equipment while the remaining technicians have five years or greater.  The sales department consists of two after-market and one new/resale unit salesmen.

    Julie Doubet (Service Coordinator) provides the grease and the glue which holds together the Service and Parts Departments as well as serving as the MH Equipment ambassador to the customer base.  If she’s not the face of the Branch, she is its voice. 

    Throughout the years the branch has held luncheons or picnic events (normally around the summer and fall holidays) as a means of stepping back at times to regroup and enjoy the moment together, especially in light of the daily grind in which everyone gets caught up in.  These times provide for some lighthearted amusement for everyone. 

    Birthdays are normally celebrated by donuts or other special treats.  It is traditional for the person having the birthday to be the provider of the feast.  One individual happens to always ask for his birthday off while the rest of us suffer from withdrawal.  Regardless of the guilty consequences you can expect one day in March going without the much anticipated donut.

    Like any branch there are positive and negatives, there are good times and not so good, but overall the branch maintains a good attitude and spirit and understands its part in the MH Equipment big picture of things.

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