• Elite Supply Chain Solutions Joins MH Logistics

    Peoria, IL – February 21, 2014: Scott Hennie, President of Elite Supply Chain Solutions, has announced that as of February 1, 2014 the company will be joining MH Logistics. MH Logistics is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois and includes material handling solutions provider MH Equipment and construction equipment solutions provider MH JCB amongst its family of companies. Elite Supply Chain Solutions will continue to operate as such.

    Elite Supply Chain Solutions began in January 2013 with a goal to become a strategic partner with customers in order to assist them with their overall business strategy and implement materials handling solutions that will help them further that strategy. Elite works with customers to maximize operating space, organize inventory storage, review facility layout and design, recommend equipment, and implement automation and technology.

    “Companies many times are so focused on their day to day business operations they are unable to take the time to focus on long term strategies in their supply chain. This is where Elite steps in and offers long term solutions and recommendations.” states Mr. Hennie. “Furthermore, through this new opportunity with MH Logistics and its available resources, we will be able to further enhance our offerings to our customers and this is very exciting. The philosophy of MH and Elite is very synergistic and will create a win/win situation with and for our customers.”

    Elite Supply Chain Solutions will be based in the Cleveland, Ohio area and will begin growing with additional staff from across the MH Logistics area in the coming months. If you have any questions regarding Elite Supply Chain Solutions or MH Logistics, visit our websites at http://elitescs.net/ or www.mhequipment.com. For questions pertaining to the changes mentioned above, please contact Scott Hennie at shennie@elitescs.net.

    About MH Logistics

    MH Logistics is a privately owned business founded in 1994 that today employs more than 700 workers across the Midwest and includes a family of material handling companies such as MH Equipment, MH JCB, Iowa Machinery, and Guardian Fleet. For more information, including employment opportunities, visit our primary site at www.mhequipment.com.

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