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    Erie: Vacation Spot and SNOW!

    The Hyster dealership in Erie, PA was  established in the early 1960’s. MH Equipment acquired the Erie facility in 2003 and is the fifth and by far the “best” owner. Currently sixteen employees work at the branch including ten on site technicians.

    Erie’s cornerstone customer is General Electric Transportation. General Electric manufactures locomotives, wind power, and off highway equipment. The Erie branch services their entire mobile fleet from personnel carriers to over-the-road tractor trailers. Of course, we also service their material handling equipment which is over 550 pieces of equipment. The dealership has had a presence at G.E. since 1972. 

    MH Equipment services Erie County, Pennsylvania and Ashtabula County, Ohio. Because of our unique location next to 5 sets of railroad tracks we always have train noise to contend with but we like (GE) trains.

    Nearby areas of interest include Presque Isle State Park that has close to 6 miles of beaches and excellent Walleye, Perch, Bass and Lake Trout fishing. Presque Isle Downs and Casino is a new  addition to the area. The Erie Seawolves is the minor league baseball team in town. Erie has become a destination point for many vacationers from all around the country. However, winters in Erie can be a little trying at times. Last winter, the snow started in mid October of 2008 and our last snowfall was in mid April 2009 with a total snowfall of 146”.

     The majority of the employees’ favorite sports team would be the Black & Gold (sorry Iowa it’s not the Hawkeyes) and one person in the office roots for the Mets. Erie’s veteran employees are William McShane 37 yrs; Mike Estok 34 yrs; George Eckard 30 yrs; Dave Fuchs 30 yrs; Keith Braddock 24 yrs; Ty Loucks 15 yrs and Paul Markham 12 yrs. Thank you Erie, for all those years of service!

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