Reduce unscheduled downtime and extend the life of major assemblies in your lift truck with MH Equipment’s Fluid Analysis service.  By having your lift truck’s fluids analyzed periodically we can reveal early warning signs of accelerated component wear and help reduce unforeseen, extensive repair costs associated with…

    While having regularly scheduled maintenance performed on your lift truck reduces unscheduled downtime, this does not provide the extensive analysis required to maintain all systems at peak performance levels.  By analyzing up to 21 trace elements, this easy-to-interpret report can identify systems in need of corrective action.

    Hydraulic Oil:  undetected wear in this system can lead to costly replacement of pumps and control valves.

    Differential Oil:   critical wear of axle shafts and drive pinion/gears can lead to costly differential overhauls.Coolant:  destructive corrosion spotted here can still exist in properly mixed antifreeze.

    Engine Oil:  extend engine life by having samples taken during oil changes to monitor wear on bearings, shafts, valves and pistons.

    Transmission Oil:  analyze this fluid periodically to detect early signs of wear leading to more extensive, costly overhauls.

    Extend equipment life and reduce repair costs.  Contact MH Equipment or your local Hyster dealer to learn more or schedule a Fluid Analysis.




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