• Healthy Strides, for Employee Health

    At MH Equipment we believe that People Matter and that good health is essential to a happy life.  That’s why on July 14th we introduced our new MH Wellness walking program, Healthy Strides, and invited all employees and their families to participate in our seven week walking program.  Everyone who registered for the program received a free pedometer, a walking log and has the opportunity to earn a Frogg Toggs® Chilly Sport Cooling Towel after walking 75 miles and a Healthy Strides t-shirt after walking 125 miles.

    Recently, we sat down with Brenda Hanshaw, Corporate Training Administrator, to learn the secrets of her success and celebrate her accomplishment of walking 75 miles during the first two weeks of our walking program.

    Congratulations, Healthy Striders!

    At the end of the second week of our Healthy Strides walking program, we already have 45 participants who have reached the 75 mile goal and many others who are very close! Great job, everyone! All participants who walk 75 miles will receive a FroggTogg’s evaporative cooling towel (the red towel Brenda is wearing around her neck in the picture below) to help keep you cool as you walk towards the 125 mile goal and a Healthy Strides t-shirt.

    Brenda Hanshaw, Training Administrator in our Corporate office, is one of the participants who reached the 75 mile goal last week. To learn from her success, we sat down with her to hear her view of the program and how she is logging her miles.

    Congratulations on walking 75 miles during the first two weeks of Healthy Strides! Can you share with us how you accomplished that in just two weeks?

    I get up early because it is the best part of the day and try to walk two miles in the morning and then one mile at lunch. I have always been an active person but it was a long, hard winter and I couldn’t get out and walk much. I have two grandchildren, ages 3 ½ and 1 ½, so my motivation is to get in shape so that I can keep up with them!

    Are you walking solo or is this a family affair?

    I am doing the program on my own; however, I have a rather large dog (a 110 pound Doberman!) that keeps me company on my walks.

    Before Healthy Strides, how would you rate your level of physical activity?

    Not as active as I would have liked to be. I always enjoy contests and a challenge, so this program has been good.

    How would you rate your level of physical activity now that we are walking into our third week of the program? Is the Healthy Strides program motivating you to walk more?

    It is! My activity has been more consistent since I started the program. I walk almost every morning and at lunch.

    Are you using the tracking log to chart your progress during the week?

    I am not. I just let the pedometer do the tracking.

    Have you had any days where you just didn’t feel like walking? How did you overcome the negative self-talk and motivate yourself?

    Of course there were days when I didn’t feel like walking, but I would remember my goal of getting in shape and being in good health so I can keep up with the grandbabies. And, being somewhat competitive, the Healthy Strides program kept me going because I knew I would have to report my miles. It is good that the program holds me accountable.

    Why do you think exercise is important?

    To be in good health and do what I can to prevent disease such as heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

    As we close, do you have any walking tips or ideas to increase our mileage you can share with us?

    I would recommend going for a walk at lunch. Use half your time for walking and half your time for lunch. It is a great way to relieve stress and get up and move after sitting at a desk all morning!

    Congratulations again on reaching the 75 mile goal, Brenda!

    For more information about MH Equipment’s Healthy Choices initiative, contact us at (888) 564-2191 or by email at info@mhequipment.com!

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