• Hear From The Manufacture: Your Mariotti Questions Answered

    A Mariotti forklift is a unique, compact solution perfect for narrow aisles and small spaces. This small but mighty lift is different than other equipment. We sat down with our Mariotti USA manufacturer to get you the answers you need to decide if a Mariotti forklift is right for you and your business.

    What should I look for when buying narrow aisle equipment?
    "The key to purchasing narrow aisle equipment is understanding that the forklift doesn’t just “fit” but contributes to safety and productivity while reducing costs. Mariotti is a compact and powerful forklift that offers capacities from 750-3000 lbs. Mariotti lifts are unique, with the ability to work in an aisle as narrow as 33” with a right angle stack as small as 95” making it the perfect solution depending on the needs of a customer."

    What makes a Mariotti forklift different than other pieces of equipment?
    "The size of our lifts. We are a unique solution because today’s forklifts are large with capacities starting at 3,000 lbs. and up. Mariotti forklifts start at 750 lbs. and goes to 3,000 lbs."

    What industries could benefit from owning a Mariotti forklift?
    "I learn every day that there is a vast variety of vertical markets, businesses, and situations that could benefit from a Mariotti forklift solution. Mariotti's usefulness is only limited by its capacity. Mariotti forklifts are valued solutions of versatile, lightweight, compact material handling needs."

    What issues are best solved by the use of a Mariotti forklift?
    "Mariotti forklifts lift light loads in small spaces, primarily. But Mariotti forklifts are also easy to operate and not intimidating to a novice operator or small business owner."

    In regard to safety, what features does a Mariotti forklift have?
    "The list is extensive. Mariotti forklifts offer a complete solution from rack and pinion power steering to strobe lighting and back up alarms to emergency power disconnect features to keep operators safe."

    How easy is it to get replacement parts for a Mariotti forklift?
    "MH Equipment has a complete catalog of parts available to order for a customer in the rare occurrence the Mariotti forklift needs repair or maintenance parts."

    What can I expect from a Mariotti dealer like MH Equipment?
    "Professional, consultative sales professionals. They have access to the tools to help discover the smart solution for the customer. They will have Mariotti forklifts in dealer inventory and rental to ensure the customer has the opportunity to experience a Mariotti first hand."

    Are you ready for a smart solution for your small space problems? Contact us today or reach out to your local MH Equipment branch.

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