• Heavy Equipment is a Tempting Target for Theives

    The Facts:

    Heavy equipment theft is a growing problem throughout North America. As with vehicle theft, organized crime rings are the primary driving force behind heavy equipment theft. In many instances, these sophisticated criminals have equipment shopping lists. They know the types of equipment they want and where to find it, and frequently target construction sites rather than secured dealer lots.

    Many of these organized criminal rings send stolen construction equipment to other countries. Stolen equipment is often transported to the nearest port or across the border prior to its being reported as stolen.

    To help combat this problem, equipment manufacturers adopted a standard worldwide 17-digit product identification number (PIN) system beginning with their year 2000 models. With this format, international law enforcement computer systems can better check, verify, and track equipment reported stolen.

    Theft Prevention Tips:

    If you suspect insurance fraud or theft, speak up!  Call the National Insurance Crime Bureau
    toll-free hotline at 1-800-TEL-NICB (1-800-835-6422.  Your call is free.  Your call can be anonymous.  You could be eligible for a reward.

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