• Incident Rate Excellence Award

    In honor of our weekly safety posts, we thought it would be appropriate to share an award that we received in April to prove that our safety program, Safe in the Moment, works.

    On April 28-29, MH Equipment was awarded a safety award  for Incident Rate Excellence from the Iowa-Illinois Safety Council during their 58th Annual Professional Development Conference and Expo held in Bettendorf, Iowa. We were one of over 150 business, industries and government agencies in Illinois and Iowa to receive an award for promoting active safety programs and reducing OSHA recordable injuries among our employees. In order to qualify for this award, we had to demonstrate that during the 2010 calendar year, our incident rate was lower than the national average for our specific industry of material handling.

    We are very excited to share this award with you, in hopes that our safety program’s success will inspire you or yours to implement or act on a safety program. Most of the safety posts we display each week comes from our Corporate Safety Department and are tailored to you, our readers. Some topics may seem trivial or common sense, but our safety awards and milestones we have shared with you are living proof that our program works.

    Be Safe in the Moment!

    To read the full press release, click here.

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