• Is Your Equipment Winter Ready?

    I think one thing we can all agree on is no one really looks forward to winter.  You never hear people say “Oh boy!  I can’t wait for it to be so cold I can’t feel my toes!”  ”Yay!  I have to shovel 13 inches of snow out of my driveway before I go to work!”  or “Wow!  Falling on the ice and breaking my hip was the most fun I’ve had in ages!

    No… you never hear that.

    You might hear “I just love the holidays!” or if you have kids they will be trilled out of their minds with the prospect of a snow day.  In general though, I really don’t think ANYBODY looks forward to winter.

    It’s tough on all of us. And it’s tough on our industrial equipment too!

    There are many reasons that you industrial equipment could malfunction during inclement weather.  Water in the fuel tank, frozen fuel lines, old filters, or a weak battery are just a few.

    When winterizing your heavy equipment this fall:

    Failing to properly prepare your equipment for winter can have disastrous effects and cause unnecessary downtime and expense.

    In addition to winterizing your equipment you’ll want to also take into consideration winter safety for your operators.  Make sure that your operators are properly trained to operate the equipment in wet and icy conditions.  Make sure that all daily inspections are being completed and make daily checks of vital components such as batteries, electrical systems and hydraulic systems.

    If you have questions or would like more information on winterizing your equipment please contact MH Equipment!

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