• IT Team Highlight – Meet Mark Miller

    A new series on our MH Equipment blog will be to highlight members of our IT team. This week we are highlighting Mark Miller from our Louisville branch.

    We are proud to highlight Mark Miller who has been with our MH family for the past fourteen years! Mark is an instrumental part of our IT team with his main responsibilities being for Microsoft and NACCO software. This means that Mark will likely be the person to assist you should you need help or have issues with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc), Mocha, or the NACCO dealer sites.   He is currently in the process of obtaining his Microsoft certification on Windows 7 in order to better serve his internal customers!

    Before coming to MH Equipment, Mark spent some time in the IT department of a local furniture manufacturer. He says that he actually never even applied for the job here - he had a friend that worked for a staffing company who sent in his resume. The next thing he knew, he was being called in for an interview!

    Mark says that the thing he likes most about working for MH is definitely the people! He has known several since his first day here and considers some to be almost family. When asked what his most rewarding and satisfying experience has been during his tenure at MH Equipment, Mark says that helping the former Shipping Utilities and Gammon employees join the MH family was very rewarding. A close second was then he won the closest to the hole competition at one of our company golf scrambles – on his very first game!  

    Home improvement projects and farm land management are a couple of Mark’s many hobbies along with hiking and camping on his back forty. Mark also likes to spend time with his 20-year-old son who he has raised nearly single-handedly since he was 2 – “Since my son has been 16, we’ve spent a lot more time keeping his car running than anything.” Mark says.  

    When asked what person in history he would like to have dinner with, Mark responded “Isaac Asimov – he’s probably the most prolific and diverse author of the 20th century.” (Did you know that Isaac Asimov has written or edited more than 500 science fiction and popular science books according to wikipedia?!)

    And finally – one unique thing that most people would never guess about Mark is that he used to wear an earring and ride a motorcycle! … I think I might need to see a picture of that! 

    Please join me in thanking Mark for all his hard work and dedication as a member of our IT team! Remember to enter an IT ticket for all your Microsoft and NACCO software issues – and be expecting a phone call or email from Mark in response!

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