• Lifting Up Safety

    OSHA estimates that 1 million forklifts are used in workplaces across the United States. Each year, nearly 100 workers are killed and another 20,000 are seriously injured in forklift related incidents. The number one deadly danger is forklift turnovers. Almost one out of every four fatalities occurs when a forklift tips over. Forklifts can easily tip if they are overloaded, if the load is not well balances, or it they travel with the forks too high.

    There are many news stories containing details about forklift accidents, yet many don’t make the news. Forklift accidents don’t just occur at the workplace- they can happen anytime, anywhere. Just this past Sunday, a 5 year old girl was killed while she and 5 other children were riding a forklift when the road gave way and the forklift rolled.

    Operator training isn’t the only solution to preventing forklift accidents. Barrett C. Miller at safety-engineer.com wrote a great forklift safety article about how 25% of accidents are not caused by the operator, but by controllable environmental factors. In order to eliminate hazards and design a safe operating environment, we need to understand the real cause of forklift accidents.

    Here are a few tips to preventing forklift accidents:

    This is not an exhaustive list on how to prevent forklift accidents. Operator training is still a crucial component in accident prevention. If you or yours needs operator training, visit our website.

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