• Look Around for Safety | Harvest


    Because of the hot summer and drought across much of the Midwest, farmers are getting an

    earlier start than usual harvesting their fields.  The large, slow moving equipment can cause many hazards on the road.  As always want our customers and employees to be safe.

    Below are some tips and things to consider as you encounter this type of equipment on the road this year and every year.

    Difference in speeds: Most farm machinery is transported at 25mph or less while other vehicles travel faster. The difference causes motorist to miscalculate how fast they are approaching the farm machinery.

    Large equipment: Farm machinery is very large sometimes extending into several lanes of traffic creating a hazardous situation.

    Poor visibility: Corners, hills, curves and other blind spots reduce a motorist’s ability to see farm equipment pulling onto the roadway.

    Outdated equipment: Older equipment may have poor lighting which makes it difficult to see.

    Towing equipment too fast: The equipment may start to sway and cause the operator to lose control.

    Harvest: Heavy increase in farm machinery traffic during harvest season can produce a hazard for motorists.

    Operator error: You may be an alert and cautious driver, but the farm equipment/operator may cause hazards, such as, a tractor with bald tires or no brakes, passengers that could fall off, poor road conditions like large potholes that could cause the operator to lose control or equipment sliding off a trailer due to improper tie down.

    Thank you for Being Safe in the Moment this day and EVERYDAY!
    For more information about MH Equipment’s safety and training programs, please visit our website!

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