• Meet: Brent Eiselstein

    Brent Eiselstein, Territory Manager at our Cedar Rapids Branch, has worked at MH Equipment for seven years. Before joining our team, he worked for Piedmont Hawthorne Aviation as the aircraft mechanic and line manager. He said while he enjoyed the position, the hours didn’t work well with having small children so when he saw an ad for an opportunity; he jumped on it.

    Throughout his seven years working at MH, his most satisfying experience he’s had to date is being a part in building a team with a focus on serving. “The opportunities we have won have been due to the level of commitment and cohesiveness of this group. Through everyone’s efforts we have great relationships with our customers that will continue for years to come,” Brent says.

    His specialty, he says, is doing whatever it takes to meet a customer’s need and pulling a team together to accomplish a common goal. “I know that customers are looking for more than a product,” he says. “They are looking for a partner that can help them meet their goals now and in the future. It takes a team to meet these expectations and I am proud to work with the best group in the material handling business.”

    When talking about his family, Brent says “The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife Melissa and we have been married for 11 years.” Brent and Melissa have four children ranging from age 15 to age four. As a family, they enjoy camping, fishing and various sporting events together.

    Most of Brent’s free time is spent with his kids, but he enjoys participating in the many events that they’re involved in. When he has a couple moments of free time, he also enjoys basketball, fishing and camping.

    Brent claims he doesn’t have a favorite food, but he says he does enjoy spicy dishes. If he had to pick one, he would say Mexican food in general. He does have a favorite sports team, however: the Iowa Hawkeyes. “Growing up 30 minutes away fromIowa Citymakes it hard to not be a Hawkeye fan. They have a great history, full of tradition.”

    We asked Brent which person in history he would want to have dinner with, and he answered Apostle Paul. “His story and experiences are fascinating,” Brent says, “and his impact on the world was so tremendous. To hear his testimony in person would be an incredible experience.”

    “What I like most [about working for MH Equipment] is the commitment from the top down to serve our customers, community and employees with integrity. This is something I value and appreciate knowing that I am supported every day when I come to work.”

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