• Meet: Chris Herrington

    Chris Herrington is our Material Handling Specialist at the Bowling Green Branch located inBowling Green,Kentucky. He’s been with MH Equipment since 1999 and currently works two markets inKentucky(Bowling GreenandPaducah) and theEvansville,Indianamarket. Before working at MH Equipment Company, Chris attended school and worked part-time for his relatives who own New Holland dealerships. He was referred to MH by a friend and took a position as Parts Manager.

     Since working at MH, Chris says that his most satisfying and proudest sales experiences have been landing new customers. “I love the challenge,” Chris says. According to Chris, his specialties within his trade are simply building new customer relationships.

    As far as his personal life goes, Chris is engaged to be married this September (Congrats, Chris!). In his spare time he enjoys drag racing, riding motorcycles, traveling, fishing and the water in general. Chris’ favorite food is seafood and his favorite sports team is the Tennessee Titans. If there was one person in history he would like to have dinner with, Chris said it would be his grandfather because he passed away when he was two years old.

     In summary, Chris enjoys working for MH Equipment mostly because of the core values MH holds such as family and faith.

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