• Meet: Chuck Krusey

    Chuck Krusey has worked at MH Equipment for three years as a Material Handling Specialist at ourWaterlooand Des Moines Branches. Before coming to MH, Chuck worked at a Caterpillar dealership for 23 years. He went from a Product Support Representative to sales to Branch Manager.

    Since joining MH, Chuck says that his most rewarding sales experience is taking a strong Caterpillar customer and converting them to Hyster. He says he has sold them 12 units since working for MH. Chuck says he enjoys meeting many different customers and using different selling techniques for each of them.

    Chuck [pic: the tall man in the red shirt] has been married to his wife, Jolene, for 38 years. They have three children. One resides inFloridawith her husband and four daughters, one lives inIowawith her husband and son and the youngest is in his last year at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). As a family, they enjoy jet skiing and doing any outdoor activities such as football or basketball games. Chuck and his wife Jolene enjoy spending time and spoiling their grandchildren.

    For fun, Chuck likes watching Iowa Hawkeye basketball and football games. He also likes to play golf and pick up games of basketball. His favorite food is barbecue ribs and when asked who, in history, he would like to have dinner with he answered John Wooden. Something unique most people don’t know about him is that his son-in-law, Brad Meester, plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Professional Football League.

    When asked what he likes the most about working for MH Equipment, he answered his co-workers and customers.

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