• Meet Hersh Atkinson!

    Hersh Atkinson is this week’s sales highlight. Hersh has been with MH Equipment since 2003 located in our Columbus, Ohio branch. Prior to joining MH Equipment, he worked for Bode-Finn for 6 years before MH Equipment acquired the territory. Hersh is currently a Material Handling Specialist responsible for the sale of new and used material handling equipment. Other previous careers include the management of a propane distribution center where he shared the common thread of being around propane fuel systems and forklifts.

    Although there have been many numerous rewarding experiences over his years in equipment sales, Hersh says that the one that stands out the most is his partnership with Safelite/Belron company. After almost ten years of trying, he finally landed their business and helped them to set up fleet programs for two distribution centers that included new Hyster forklifts, high efficiency batteries and charges, wire guidance, racking, and more. Here is a story about his persistence with Safelite in the MHEDA Journal.

    When asked what he likes most about working for MH Equipment, Hersh replied: “The opportunity to have access to and provide the needed equipment after determining the correct solution to a customer problem. We have the ability to represent a wide variety of products and services to truly be a solutions provider.”

    Hersh has been married to his lovely wife for over 27 years and together they have a small horse farm that takes a fair amount of their time. When he’s not working he likes flying, anything to do with automotives (he actually owns a very rare sports car – only 66 of them exist in the US!), and spending time on or around water – swimming and boating.

    Hersh is also a big fan of THE Ohio State University Buckeyes – having grown up in Columbus and attended OSU. He particularly enjoys the football program. His favorite food is Saganaki (pan seared Greek cheese). “It comes to the table and the waiter lights it on fire – gets the people in the restaurant excited every time!”

    Please join me in thanking Hersh for his hard work and dedication throughout his years at MH Equipment. We look forward to working with him for many more years to come.

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