• Meet: Matt Guye

    Each Friday, our goal is to highlight one employee within the MH Equipment family. This week, we want you to meet Matt Guye, our Big Trucks and Speciality Equipment Salesman from the Cincinnati Branch.

    How long have you worked for the company and which branch do you work at?

    I have worked at MH Equipment – since Jan. 2003, and our predecessor (Hyster MidEast) since Nov. 2001.

    What did you do before you came to MH?

    I previously worked for a moving and storage company and prior to that another material handling company focused on Dock Equipment Sales.  Overall, I have been in the material handling and logistics business for nearly 20 years. 

    What has been your most rewarding, satisfying or proudest sales experience you’ve had since joining MH?

    One of my first used equipment sales was my most rewarding experience.  We had a great price on a well equipped pneumatic truck.  Then the customer also asked for a custom paint color, which we were able to provide as well.  The truck sits outside at the customer’s location and I still drive by and show it to the kids!

    Tell us about your family.

    My wife and I have been married for nearly 18 years.  We have five kids from sixteen down to four.  That keeps us busy.  We enjoy outdoor and sporting activities.  The kids play – or played – soccer, basketball, football, baseball, softball, and t-ball.  My wife’s favorite sport is swimming in the summer – all five kids are at the same meet, so we can see everyone’s event. 

    Our family adventures are legendary and have included nature hikes through the woods, through marshes, and sand dunes, plus bike trips, canoeing, etc.  Some of these have turned out better than others!      

    What are your specialties, or your area of expertise?

    Most of my duties have been as a Material Handling Specialist with key account and fleet management responsibilities.   These have given me the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of our customers’ leasing arrangements, maintenance requirements, and replacement considerations.

    Recently, I have been named to the Big Trucks and Specialty Equipment position, which is allowing me to parlay that experience into a new area.  

     What are your hobbies?

    I run occasionally – though not as often as I should!  I did complete a couple of marathons and I annually run the community 10K on July 4th.  It’s hilly and usually hot.

    I’m also a pretty big sports fan and still go see my high school football team once or twice a year, plus occasional Notre Dame football, Xavier basketball, and Cincinnati Reds games.    

    Favorite food?

    Ice Cream – though I don’t turn down much.  My wife makes some really good homemade pizza, too.

    What one person in history would you like to have dinner with?

    I hate trying to pinpoint an answer to this, but if I had to narrow it down, I would have to say Jesus Christ.  I can think of no other single person that had a greater impact on our civilization, so there would be some really cool “history” questions to ask.  Add to that the spiritual dimension and I would have plenty to discuss.  I only hope I would not get intimidated or tongue tied and that we’d have an intelligent conversation! 

    What do you like most about working for MH?

    I really like the people!  I enjoy the fact that MH Equipment’s Vision, Mission and Values put people first and that the leadership team aspires to demonstrate that “People Matter”.  It’s very empowering to have the company’s priorities aligned with my own – or more specifically where mine should be. 

    And finally, something unique that most people don’t know about you?

    In 1984, I played in the first high school football game in the then Hoosier Dome.  We were the on the undercard the night before the Saturday dedication game between Purdue and Notre Dame, which I also got to see.  I think we played there before the Colts did.

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