• Meet: Misti Peak

    MistiPeak, an Aftermarket Sales Representative at our Cincinnati Branch, has been with MH Equipment for about 11 years (will be 12 years in January). Before coming to MH, Misti worked for Crown for seven years. After being contacted by a recruiter for Hyster Mid-East, Misti made the transition to MH Equipment.

    “There have been many milestones in my career at MH,” Misti says, “it is hard to choose one thing that has been the most rewarding, but most recently, I was very proud to pick up an account that is very high profile to the Cincinnati area: Procter and Gamble.” Misti explains that she thinks the account adds to MH Equipment’s list of recognizable and respected customers and will aid in company growth. P&G had done business with our competitor for 10 years plus before MH was awarded their business in Dec. 2010.

    According to Misti, her specialties or expertise is fleet management. “I have always been on the service side of the material handling business. I would say my specialty is fleet management, on the service end. I seem to do best when I can look at a company’s existing fleet and practices and evaluate their spending, utilization and record keeping while bringing MH Equipment’s fleet management strength to the table.”

    Misti has been married for three years to her husband, Jason. They have a daughter, Stevi, which is 22 months old. Currently, they’re in the process of building a new house which takes up most of their time along with getting used to the new edition to the family. Jason and Misti are also adjusting to Stevi’s ever changing and growing independence and Misti says it’s a great experience!

    For fun, Misti and her husband customize old cars. “A few years back we took part in the Hot Rod Power Tour with one of our vehicles we had just finished; it was a great experience and awesome trip! We were ‘long haulers’ for any of you that know what that means. We enjoy attending various types of car shows, cars of all years and styles.” In addition to car shows and customizing old cars, Misti and Jason also enjoy the dirt track. Although she claims there isn’t enough time right now between her baby and building their house, there was a time when they attended weekly to toot for a few friends who take part in the racing. Misti makes sure to mention that she also loves spending time with her three sisters whom all live away from her.

    Homemade enchiladas are Misti’s favorite dish, which her and her husband makes together. The recipe is an old recipe her mother got from a distant relative (by marriage) that still lives inMexico. “I really like Mexican food.” says Misti. “Although, I have had many, many failed attempts to perfect it in my kitchen, I always enjoy trying authentic (as authentic as it can be in Cincy) Mexican food when I get the opportunity.”

    If there was one person in history Misti could have dinner with, she would choose her grandfather who passed away when she was young. Too young, she says, to realize what a great part of history he was involved in. Besides the obvious spending time with him, she would love to hear stories of what he experienced during WWII and the invasion ofNormandy. According to Misti, he was also a part of theUStroops that aided in liberating what was left of some of the concentration camps. She says she would love to hear the real stories and accounts of his experiences. She’s always been fascinated with WWII, so coupled with spending time with her grandfather, that would be a great dinner for her!

    One thing most people don’t know about Misti is that “she gets dirty in the garage.” She says she works on their cars right along with her husband, which includes pulling an engine, installing dynamat, sandblasting, painting or whichever the task is at hand! Another thing most people probably don’t know is that her family went on a long weekend trip toOklahoma Cityto pick up her 2010 Mother’s Day gift which was a 1974 Pontiac Firebird (a model which is dear to her).

    In conclusion, Misti says she loves working at MH. “I enjoy the people I work with as well as what MH stands for and the values that is passes on to its employees and finally to the customer. This means a lot to me in my career, I feel luck to have found a home here.”

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