• MH Equipment Omaha Branch Helps Flood Victims

    On June 1, the Missouri River flood reached the Sioux City area. Some businesses and home owners had to evacuate while others built levees to protect their properties. Two of our resident technicians, Jeremy Smith and Pat Anderson, decided to get involved to help out their community.

    Jeremy was at the Tyson-Dakota City facility where they were scrambling to build a levee around their waste water treatment. He asked how he could help and offered to bring lift trucks in to move sand bags. Jeremy called the Omaha branch and arranged for Hyster rentals to be shipped in. He dedicated many hours of his personal time and charity time that week moving sand bags to help his community.

    Pat Anderson was at the Tyson headquarters located in Dakota Dunes where they were also trying to build a levee around their facility. Pat coordinated getting a rental truck and helped them with their needs. He devoted many personal hours along with his charity time to help save this community.

    On Saturday, June 4th, Jeremy and Pat along with our Material Handling Specialist, Barry Cahoon, devoted their day helping Tyson build a levee around their facility. The response from Tyson has been overwhelming with gratitude for our contribution and the efforts to save their facility and community.

    In addition to Jeremy, Pat, and Barry, Service tech John Ebert has also shown his support for the community by devoting his personal time sand bagging.

    The Missouri River continues to rise in the Council Bluffs and Omaha areas. With levees breaking around us, MH employees and families have to be prepared to evacuate their homes at any given time. The river in our area has reached an all time record of 36 feet.

    The Omaha branch has done an outstanding job showing the community that People Matter.

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