If you are our friend on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, you have probably seen posts and comments encouraging you to become acquainted with MH JCB.

    After a couple weeks of building MH JCB’s online presence through Facebook and Twitter, we realized that we haven’t given you the necessary background information in order to extend your hand in friendship (or your mouse to the “like” or “follow” button). So, on our usual ‘Branch Highlight Wednesday’ we’re instead highlighting an important part of of the MH Equipment team: MH JCB.

    In 1952, MH Equipment started in Peoria, Illinois as one of the smallest forklift dealerships in the United States. After decades of successful growth in the material handling industry, we decided we could deliver our unique brand of People, Passion, Purpose to the construction equipment industry. So, in 2004, we took on the full line of JCB constuction equipment. If you’re looking to purchase or rent a backhoe loader, compacter, excavator, skid steer, forklift or parts and service- MH JCB has got it. JCB construction equipment branches are located in Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati and Charleston.

    Now that you’re acquainted with MH JCB,”like” them on Facebook and “follow” them on Twitter to stay current on construction industry trends and the JCB Construction Company. For a little fun, check out the JCB Dancing Diggers video, one of our favorites.

    Visit the MH JCB website to find out more about the construction equipment and services they/we offer.

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