• National Forklift Safety Day Is June 11th

    In honor of a day devoted to safety, MH has compiled a list of safety topics which can be used as a reminder in your workplace. We’d also like to announce and publically congratulate our local branches who have put these ideas to good use and achieved a ZERO injury year.

    Staying Safe: What NOT to do

    #1 Rushing: Sometimes there is more concern for doing something quickly instead of safely.

    DO: Slow down and take time to do things right, and do them safely.

    #2 Taking Chances: Daring behavior or blatant disregard for safe habits can put you and your coworkers at risk. Things like overexertion, being a daredevil or refusing to ask for help when doing something too hard or unfamiliar is never appropriate if you want to stay safe.

    DO: Watch out for your coworkers. Sometimes it’s easier to see these habits in others than in ourselves.

    #3 Being Preoccupied: Daydreaming, fatigue, or thinking about other things and not paying attention to your current activity could result in an accident.

    DO: Focus on the activity you are doing at the time.

    #4 Having a Negative Mood: Being angry or in a bad mood can lead to severe accidents because anger nearly always overrules caution.

    DO: Keep your bad moods in check. Stay cool and in charge of your emotions.

    #5 Failing to Look for Hidden Hazards: Conditions are constantly changing, and forgetting this fact is a common mistake which can lead to unsafe practices. Sometimes when we’re too familiar with our environment we let our guards down.

    DO: Always be alert for new, unexpected hazards in your environment.


    All across MH we have many individuals who consider safety every day. They give superior customer service, lead with integrity, teach others, and exceed many expectations. Going a full year with ZERO injuries is a great thing many businesses never achieve. Through disciplined efforts and following the sound safety practices, the following branches have achieved ZERO injuries for a year and longer and deserve congratulations:










    Bowling Green



    St. Louis



    Cedar Rapids

    If you would like to learn more about how you can be on your way to achieving a zero-injury year, give MH a call. Our Safety and Training division conducts classes, seminars and certification opportunities year round. They will show you the way and give you the tools to having your safest year ever.

    Call now at 888-564-2191 or Book a Training now!

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