• MH Employees Are Gearing Up to Get Moving

    For the past two years, hundreds of companies have joined WELCOA’s initiative to get employees moving more, sitting less and thriving with the On the Move® Company Challenge. This year, MH Equipment employees are joining the thousands of employees that take part yearly.

    On the Move® Company Challenge is a 12-week national corporate fitness program that is designed to help people move more and sit less throughout the workday. The program is created to help employees move more on their own terms when they want, how they want, and how much they want without guilt. By sitting less, employees can reduce stress, heighten creativity, manage weight, tone and strengthen muscles, and more! MH Equipment employees are encouraged to share their success and goals with other employees at their own discretion as well as support fellow employees as they “move more and sit less”. There is an easy to use online platform to help track progress and give helpful resources to encourage employees with their physical and mental journey to keep moving.

    Get Started:

    The On the Move® Company Challenge for MH Equipment starts April 2, 2018. Look for details in your company email or contact Employee Services for more information.

    Not a MH Equipment employee?

    Get your company started with WELCOA’s On the Move® Company Challenge by visiting their website.

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