• Preventing Shoulder Injuries!

    A shoulder sprain is stretching or partial tearing of the ligaments and capsule that support the shoulder, specifically, the glenohumeral joint. Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that connect bones to each other. The glenohumeral joint is the meeting of the upper arm bone, humerus, and the cup of the shoulder blade.

     Causes of Shoulder injury:

    Holding any muscle in one position too long can cause muscle strain. For example:

    *If a typist’s keyboard is too high, the shoulders must be kept in a raised position. Correction: The keyboard should be low enough to allow the shoulders to be down and to be relaxed while typing.

    *While driving, if the steering wheel is too high or far away, the shoulders may be placed in an awkward position. Correction: Adjust the seat closer and lower the steering wheel to put the shoulders in a relaxed position.

    *Carrying a backpack or computer bag over one shoulder for a long time. Correction: Take time to stretch out the neck and shoulder and carry with your hand instead.


    *Muscles in the upper back (between the shoulder blades) may become strained as a result of slouching for long periods of time. Correction: Practice good body mechanics and good posture. 

    Falling on outstretched arm, forced twisting of the arm, or a blow to the shoulder

    *Correction:  Practice good housekeeping, check mats and rugs for trip hazards.

    Technician Precautions

       • Practice proper lifting techniques for lifting, moving, reaching, bending, etc
       • Drink plenty of water esp. in hot weather. Water lubricates the joints
       • Practice good housekeeping to prevent trips and falls. Cords picked up? Loose stairs?
       • Warm up and stretching exercises before engaging in strenuous activity
       • Use proper extensions on tools whenever possible to avoid straining to reach
       • Use a ladder instead of trying to reach heavy items over head

    Safety is important and it’s everyone’s responsibilty.

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