• Safe in the Moment: Preventing Shoulder Injuries

    Being Safe in the Moment has helped MH Equipment make great strides towards being an injury free company. Because our safety performance is well above the industry average, we received awards from the National Safety Council and the Ohio BWC in 2010. Hopefully our posts about Being Safe in the Moment will help you and yours.

    A shoulder sprain is stretching or partial tearing of the ligaments and capsule that support the shoulder, specifically, the glenohumeral joint. Ligaments are strong bands of tissue that connect bones to each other. The glenhumeral joint is the meeting of the upper arm bone, humerous, and the cup of the shoulder blade.

    Main Causes of Shoulder Injury:

    -Holding any muscle in one position too long



    Technitions Precautions:

    There is no safety precaution too small or trivial. Take proper steps to prevent all avoidable injuries and accidents.


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