• Safety First: Zero Injuries is Possible

    By Grant Wilkerson, Director of Safety and Loss Control

    MH Equipment’s culture of safety follows our Safe in the Moment philosophy – take a moment to ensure you are doing your job safely before you act. We strive to educate and support each person at MH to achieve our most important safety goal: to help that employee have zero injuries throughout their career. While zero may seem like a difficult number to reach, injuries can be eliminated if we stay focused on being Safe in the Moment. You and your employees can also employ this philosophy to work toward zero injuries.

    The most important tool, though, is ourselves. Individually, each of us is the only one who can make ourselves look twice, go a little slower, avoid straining, take time to correct a task hazard, or offer to help a coworker with a heavy load.

    Be aware of these common contributors to workplace injuries:

    • Being in a Hurry. Sometimes there is more concern for completing a job quickly instead of safely. An injury will always take more time than the little bit you may save by hurrying.

    • Taking Chances. Daring behavior or blatant disregard for safe work practices can put the whole work team at risk. Follow all company safety rules and watch out for your fellow employees. Things like overexertion, “manhandling” heavy objects, refusing to ask for help or use a lifting device, as well as horseplay, are never appropriate on the job.

    • Being Preoccupied. Daydreaming, distractions, thinking about the weekend, and not paying attention to the task at hand can get you seriously injured. If your mind is troubled or distracted, take a moment to reorganize your thoughts and get refocused on the task at hand.

    • Having a Negative Mindset. Being angry or in a hostile mood can lead to severe injury because anger typically overrides caution and takes our minds off our tasks. Remember to stay cool and in charge of your emotions.

    • Failing to Look for Potential Hazards. Work conditions are constantly changing and often new, unexpected hazards develop. Always be alert for changes in the environment. Hidden hazards include spilled liquids that can cause slips and falls; out-of-place objects that can cause trips; sharp edges on components; and awkward positions that can cause undue straining.

    Remember, each of us is in control of our own ability to stay alert for hazards, to slow and calm down, and to re-focus so we don't become just one more injury statistic. An injury-free workplace IS possible!

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