• Sleep Maximizes Safety

    Economic consequences of sleep loss cost the country an estimated $15 billion, annually, due to increased health care costs, automobile accidents, workplace injuries and decreased job performance.

    Driving drowsy can be as dangerous as drunk driving. An estimated 100,000 crashes are caused each year by drowsy drivers. Sleep deprivation is equal to and in some cases greater than alcohol and its’ effects on driving ability. Everyone knows that it’s a poor choice to drink and drive, we we rarely are conscious of driving while sleep deprived. Lack of sleep is also a safety hazard while on the job. Impaired judgment and slower reaction time can lead to an injury. A few weeks ago, we blogged about how staying healthy helps prevent injuries. Part of being healthy is getting enough sleep.

    Lack of sleep can cause:

     Enough sleep is essentional to:

     Sleep experts offer some recommendations for how to maximize your ability to have a deep, restful sleep.

    Some more facts  and statistics about driving drowsy are available, here.

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