• Straining for Zero Injuries?

    You bend over to pick up a box and YOUCH! There goes your back!  A strained back can be extremely painful and take days – if not weeks to recover from. Every move you make every step you take… it’ll be hurting you.

    Below are several tips to avoid strains and sprains and keep you SAFE and HEALTHY!

    • Be safe in the moment. Ask yourself “Is what I am doing being safe?” If not, don’t do it.

    • Don’t over reach. If you need to, walk around and lift the object properly. If object is up high use a step stool or ladder to reach the object.

    • Avoid bending and twisting.

    • Use proper lifting techniques. Squat close to the object, grip with your palms, lift with your legs.

    • Use lifting equipment for objects that are too large or awkward for one person.

    • Ask someone to help when dealing with an awkward load. Don’t try to do it alone.

    • Take care of yourself by maintaining a healthy weight. Extra pounds can cause stress on the lower back.

    • Exercise builds strong muscles and helps prevent injury.

    • Stretch to maintain flexibility.

    • Eat healthy! Good food builds a strong body, bones, and muscles.

    • Get a good night sleep. Rested muscles are stronger muscles!

    You can prevent strains and sprains by practicing good safety measures and always being SAFE IN THE MOMENT!

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