• Top Plant 2011 | NACCO Material Handling Group of Berea, KY

    Photo courtesy: Tim Webb PhotographyPhoto courtesy: Tim Webb PhotographyPhoto courtesy: Tim Webb Photography

    For the past three years, manufacturing must have seemed like a high-stakes poker game to some people. It also seems the game has been played only two ways—fold, or go all in.

    If you have ever seen the World Series of Poker, though, you know the only people who go all in are either supremely confident or desperate, and neither seems like an especially sound business strategy.

    There is a third way to play, of course. It takes a lot more work and a lot more patience, and it won’t always yield positive results on every play, but it is a surer way to build your chips. You have to place your bets in the right places, at the right moments. You must manage the game for the long term, and not just play the game looking for the one big hand.

    Manufacturers around the U.S. and around the world are succeeding in manufacturing because they have placed their bets on the right aspects of their business. They cannot control what other players have in their hands. They play the cards they are dealt and seize the opportunity to improve when it comes along.

    Our 2011 Top Plant winner, NACCO Material Handling Group of Berea, Ky., is an outstanding example of placing your bets in the right place. NACCO bet on its people to help grow the organization. In doing so, the company has helped grow the community.  Read More…

    Originally published by http://www.plantengineering.com Bob Vavra, Content Manager 12/15/11

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