• Why Electric? Breaking Down the Benefits of Electric Forklifts

    Electric forklifts are steadily gaining popularity over their older cousins, the diesel and internal combustion (IC) forklifts. Businesses favor the electric model for many reasons, including lowering their carbon footprint, lowering their ownership and maintenance costs over the life of the machine, and creating a safer work environment for employees. The electric forklift’s numerous benefits for both the owner and operator, combined with continual improvements by manufacturers, have made this workhorse the star of many warehouses.

    Business owners have increasingly chosen the electric forklifts over IC and diesel models for a variety of reasons. The cost advantages of electric in a new forklift for sale cannot be ignored, as they are quite significant. Average operating costs per hour range from $0.80 to $3.00, which is far below the costs of competing models. The electric forklift requires an initial purchase of a battery charger, but even that cost is minor when compared with fuel expenses, and the bonus is that the cost is quickly offset during the life of the equipment.

    Other cost advantages come directly from fuel: an electric forklift doesn’t require fuel, and thus, there is no need for fuel storage. Fuel prices are expensive and can fluctuate over time, leading to increased operating costs.

    Owners will also discover cost advantages with regard to maintenance, as electric forklift motors are easier and more affordable to maintain at optimum levels. Simpler routine maintenance (and a machine that requires that maintenance at longer intervals than diesel or IC models) also provides cost savings.

    Electric forklift operators typically experience fewer repetitive motion injuries and have greater productivity because the equipment is easier to use, and requires fewer hand/arm/leg motions for operation. The electric forklift for sale includes automatic braking activated when the operator removes his/her foot from the gas pedal, which decreases stress on the operator and in turn, the brake pedal itself. This increases the number of hours an individual can spend operating the machinery without fatigue, and also reduces the possibility of on-site injuries, which leads to downtime, insurance claims, and increased costs to the business and owner.

    Business owners, forklift operators, and warehouse employees all agree that the electric forklift has distinct advantages over IC and diesel models. Employees appreciate the enhanced safety that comes from zero tailpipe emissions, especially when the forklift is operated indoors in a closed environment.

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