• Why Rent from MH Equipment?

    Despite the positive economic trend of 2011, most companies are still slow to invest in material handling equipment. This means that forklift dealers are seeing an increase in both parts and service as older equipment is being used longer AND an increase in rentals since capital purchases are still (for the most part) being avoided.

    MH Equipment offers quality late model Hyster, Yale, and JCB (amongst other makes of) rental equipment as a solution to our customers that are facing these situations.  The object being, of course, to provide a temporary solution to our customers as well as introduce them to the level of quality seen in our rental units – that way when they are prepared to purchase a new unit, they know what to expect from both MH Equipment and our OEMs. Beyond that of course, our rental customers enjoy a lot of other benefits seen with rental units:

    If you think you could use some additional equipment but have questions, give our rental department a call at 888-564-2191. We’ll be happy to work with you.

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    Special thanks to Kyle Thill.

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